On the occasional of National Doctor’s Day, Delius Group of Pharmaceutical Companies.

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Wishes doctor of entire world.
Co-Founder and Chairman of Delius Pharmaceuticals, Mr. Digvijay Kr Shrivastava is a 1st generation and self made
entrepreneur to become a well known face in this most reputed business of pharmaceuticals industry. Having a rich
experience of 18 years in this pharmaceuticals industry and has a strong vision to make global presence of Delius in this
industry. He believes that Doctors are 2nd god in our society. They are always working to preserve our health. Working
hour of a doctor is more than any other profession. They work more than 15 hours a day so that they can treat more and
more patients in a day.
Here’s a transcript from their Doctor’s Day video of this year:
On this Doctor’s Day, Delius Pharma Celebrates you…
For working tirelessly towards an healthy outcome
For your selfless services towards the society
For being the “Heroes in our family”
We wish you a very Happy Doctor’s Day
Delius Pharmaceuticals was established in 2014, with a vision and mission to serve the people with quality medicines at
an effective price. Their journey started from Purnea, Bihar with a single brand “AESIVIT” and during the span of 8 years,
their product basket has grown into more than 140 brands with more than 250 employees, is having Head Office in New
Delhi and are working towards their mission to establish them as the one of the top 10 companies in India within next
few years.
Some of their renowned brands in Pharmaceutical Industry are AESIVIT & EXCELRAB. Both brands have a reputed value
in terms of efficacy as well as cost.
In March 2021, Delius acquired a manufacturing plant in Baddi, Himachal Pradesh to cater their requirement of products
with a strong network of supply chain. Mr. Digvijay (Co-Founder and Chairman of Delius Pharmaceuticals believes that
there are still a large number of people in India who cannot afford medicines due to high prices.
One of their core values – “No Pain No Gain”. – has been the mantra that has taken Delius Pharma to such heights. Hence,
they have cultivated a work culture that permits their employees to learn, innovate and experiment with new ideas.
The constant support and encouragement from their valued customers is vital to them and they are determined to deliver
quality products that will help people to live a happier, healthier and a more active life.
They are passionate about their goals and optimistic about their future as they explore more opportunities of expansion
and growth at different stages of development.
Delius Pharma is committed for the delivery of Affordable and Quality a fundamental element of our Company’s Mission
and Vision. Company shall establish compliance with applicable quality regulations, codes and standards for its
manufacturing site, including contract manufacturing sites to deliver high quality products that patients can trust with
continuous improvement and innovation to improve Facilities, Products, Processes and Procedures.
Interestingly, Delius Pharma is working on a new concept which has been never done by any other Company in India
or Outside India. The project press release says that they are developing “Delius Chyawanprash ki Goli. Mr.
Digvijay (Co-Founder and Chairman of Delius Pharmaceuticals) also had meetings with Sri. Amitabh Bacchan on
two different occasions with a proposal for him to be brand ambassador of their upcoming project. They have been in
talks with Acharya Balakrishna, Chairman of the consumer goods company Patanjali Ayurved for
manufacturing of our upcoming OTC brand “Delius Chyawanprash ki Goli”.
In amidst of fight with Corona, Delius joins hand with our Corona Warriors to help them fight with corona by
introducing India’s First Covid-19 Approved Treatment. Delius is 6th company in all over India to launch
Favipiravir Tablets known as our brand “Delfav”. Delius has always given its first priority to the society and it’s
our pleasure to serve the society. Delius Pharma’s mission is to improve the quality of life, to continue to be
recognized as a reliable provider of healthcare products and nurture innovation that leads to collective
excellence and accomplish their mission to become one of the leading pharma giants of India.

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