Young Entrepreneur from Tamil nadu working high on Medical Cannabis and made CBD oil easily accessible in India

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The Beginning:

The one thing we sometimes need is a stroke of serendipity. That sudden stroke of awareness and serendipity came to me in 2019.

My name is Mohammed Idrish, While searching for a health solution for my father, I came to know about CBD and its benefits. Wanting the best for my dad, I scoured high and far to source CBD. Post finding the only online store in India that sold CBD, I bought a 100mg CBD tincture from them. I witnessed first-hand the benefits of CBD as it considerably helped my father.

To spread the word and increase awareness, I started an Instagram page named ‘CBD oil India’ to create awareness. Many people who had never heard about CBD and Medical Cannabis heard about it for the first time and began using it for their loved ones. The response was great.

Once the first bottle of tincture was almost over, I wanted to order another bottle for my father. To my dismay, the Indian organisation I had initially purchased the CBD tincture from had halted sales. The only solution that lay before me was to buy CBD tincture from the United Kingdom. The prime challenge here was that shipping costs from the UK were exorbitant!

I was advised to buy multiple bottles of tincture since the shipping fee was a flat fee that didn’t change much irrespective of the number of bottles purchased. Hence, I purchased ten bottles and sold the spare or extra bottles through my Instagram page.

The response was good, and a seed of thought was sown in my brain. I started interacting with newly formed or forming Cannabis companies, researchers in India and received good support from all of them. I also began to understand the nuances behind the legality of cannabis in India.

At this juncture, I realised that Ayush department (under the Government of India) allows usage of Cannabis medicines when prescribed. However, the general public did not have this awareness owing to the general perception of cannabis.

I then started this website called to sell medical Cannabis and CBD products. During the pandemic and ensuing lockdown, CBD, and medical cannabis were a real necessity as people were looking for natural Anxiety, stress / depression relief medicines. Additionally, many people began to flock to cannabis for pain relief, particularly in palliative care. With the help and support of many doctors CannaMeds made sales for legal Cannabis medicines all over India in a drop shipping model with brands.

After few months we were seeing huge demand for doctor consultation so added doctor listing in our website to provide Hemp / CBD consultation. We plan to expand this service by offering consultation and access to medications across physical centres in metros.


Having an inhouse brand helps add authenticity to the products. To facilitate this, we created out own inhouse brand ‘Magiccann’. The two cornerstone values that our brand aims to be built on is ensuring affordability of CBD based medications and proper marketing to make people aware of this truly beneficial substance.

With the slogan ‘CBD for ALL’, our aim is to let people  try and experience benefits of this holy medicine. Assisted by doctors, we listed down like 26 diseases in which CBD can be a natural Alternative treatment for it and are currently conducting research to expand the breadth of our offerings. Our store for Magiccann products is

My Story:

Once the sales for CBD products began to increase, I realised that I had to get into this fulltime. I could no longer merely test the waters, and Magiccann needed by complete attention.

To facilitate this, I resigned from my previous job as a software developer and started my own office in my hometown Dharapuram, Tamil Nadu. Currently our company is running with more than 20 people (Including Full time employees, Digital marketing agents, influencers, Lawyers, and doctors).

I am witnessing brighter times for this company in terms of revenue as well as market share. The biggest feather in our hat is the growing acceptance of CBD and Cannabis based products in India, and our ability to offer people a solution that they most certainly need.

We wish to contribute towards nature and our society in terms of education, providing health and protecting nature. We believe in Magic at Magiccann!

If you would like to connect with me, please do E mail

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