Chhattisgarh-based Indie artist Shyama Agrawal releases his new original ‘Pankho ko’ – a song that’ll inspire you to push your limits!

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The Independent music scene in the country has seen a steep evolution in the past decade. Musicians from different states of India have created music heard and cherished by many in the country. While the internet and diverse streaming platforms have aided the cause, it is the talent and dedication of young musicians that have helped Indie Music grow.

Among many growing names in the fraternity, Shyama Agrawal has made a mark with his distinctive music composition and simplistic vocals. He is a Singer-Songwriter and producer based in Raipur, Chhattisgarh, renowned for his original creations. With over 5000 monthly listeners on major streaming platforms and 150K+ streams on his previous five releases, Shyama has won hearts with his soulful and pleasing music for two years! His Originals have been featured on esteemed Independent music platforms and popular music editorial playlists. He is a growing name in the Independent music scene in the state and is back with his new song, “Pankho ko”.

Everyone feels stuck in life sometimes or other. Pankho ko, an Indie-pop song produced by Shyama Agrawal and Somesh Sahu, not only describes the feeling of nothingness and detachment but also gives the inspiration to overpower it. The track begins with the soft sound of the Guitalele (a hybrid of Guitar and Ukelele) and Shyama’s melodic voice creating an acoustic mood, leading to electric amplification that kicks in motivation and fuels us to break the prison of our thoughts and do what the heart says!

The song beautifully shows how an individual struggles between fulfilling his dream and living up to the expectations of the world. The music video, directed by Sarthak Nigam & Tanya Khandelwal and shot on iPhone13 by Gagan Ratnakar, depicts the feeling simply yet beautifully. Shyama accomplished his song with the help of singer-guitarist Anshumaan Kannouje, who played lead Guitalele in the track, and Ramandeep Singh, who added energy to Pankho ko with his drumming skills.

Shyama also owns a music production studio, Jugaadu Studio, wherein he has recorded, composed, produced, and distributed over 30 Original songs and 100+ cover songs. With Shyama’s efficient acquaintance and experience in the niche, he has always motivated and encouraged rising singers to share their music with the world.

Shyama believes in creating music that he can relate to; one can easily connect to his journey through his music. Shyama says that his latest single Pankon ko released on 30th June is an autobiography of his life and everyone who listens to it.

Author – Tanya Khandelwal

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