Robert Allard: An Adventure-Seeker and Digital Creator

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Robert Allard is a U.S Army veteran and an expat living in Dubai, UAE, originally from Texas, USA. He is a travel enthusiast who loves to explore places from all over the world and learn about different languages and cultures. He is a digital creator and photographer with 13 years of professional experience, out of which he has been doing digital creation and photography for 6 years

When asked about what attracted him to begin his career as an influencer or actor, Robert shared that when he was living in Taiwan, he fell in love with scuba diving and started traveling to different countries. He wanted to share his experiences with everyone back home who couldn’t get the chance to see what he had seen. This led him to the idea of sharing his experiences and life with others, inspiring him to start creating content for his social media platforms.

Robert defines his style as easy-going, an adventure finder who loves to explore and share his experiences with others. He wants to be a role model for those who want to pursue their dreams, and his motivation comes from the idea of sharing what he sees and does with others who are less fortunate.

When asked about how it feels to work with new people, Robert shared that it’s amazing and he loves to meet new people, see where they are from, and how they live. He wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world.

Regarding his plans for the future, Robert aims to grow his social media accounts and expand his network so that more people can see his experiences and follow him. He hopes to have a successful amount of subscribers to help him continue his journey as a digital creator and travel enthusiast.

Robert credits his family, especially his wife, Vanessa, as his number one supporter. They help him push forward every day, be a better person, and never give up on his dreams.

Lastly, Robert shared that his next trip is in June 2023 to the country of Georgia. He is excited to explore that country for the first time and see all of its history and culture.

In conclusion, Robert Allard is an adventure-seeker, a digital creator, and a travel enthusiast. He is a role model for those who want to pursue their dreams and inspire others to see the beauty of the world.

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