From Waiter to Content Creator: The Story of Muzamil Hussain Malik

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Muzamil Hussain Malik, a 24-year-old from Central Kashmir’s Budgam district, has become one of the busiest content creators in Kashmir after failing to make it big in Bollywood. Passionate about acting, Muzamil went to Mumbai and worked as a waiter in a hotel to be close to Bollywood. After countless auditions, he returned home without any luck. But failures did not kill his acting dream. He started acting in music videos and producing short films and reels. Today, he runs a successful YouTube channel called Brothers Production, with 34.8k subscribers, and has a huge following on other social media platforms.

Muzamil started his journey as a content creator with his brother and cousin, making short videos for the now-defunct app Vigo. They bagged a contract from Vigo and were paid for their content. After Vigo was phased out, they started afresh and began acting in music videos mostly of celebrity singer Ishfaq Kawa. Their videos were an instant hit, and they started getting work in the industry. They also produced short films and gained recognition for their acting skills. Their short film `Awlad Dag’ was well-received by the audience, and their acting was hailed by the who’s who of the industry. They even received work from a J&K music director based in Mumbai, where they not only edited his videos but also featured in some of them.

Muzamil is a fan of Ranveer Singh and wanted to do something that would give him and his team recognition at the national level. Hence, they launched the YouTube channel Brothers Production, which quickly gained 34.8k subscribers. They also extended their footprints on other social media platforms, where they gained a massive following.

Despite his success, Muzamil still remembers the wound of rejection from Bollywood. He has decided to dedicate his life to nurturing talent in Kashmir and giving budding actors a chance to live their dreams. Muzamil and his team have decided to give budding actors a chance in their short videos, so they too can live their dreams. Their aim is to ensure that budding actors do not face the same fate as they did in Bollywood.

Muzamil Hussain Malik’s story is a true inspiration for all those who dream of making it big in the entertainment industry. He did not let failures kill his dream and found success by exploring other avenues. Today, he is using his success to nurture talent in Kashmir and give back to the industry that once rejected him.




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