Punjab woman Mandip deol wins in a National beauty pageant in Gold category Organised by Glam Guidance.

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Glam Guidance Miss/Mrs India Asia 2023 was successfully organized on April 30. In which 41 participants from all over India showed their talent. All 41 participants from India showed their own culture and represented their state. All these participants had come from almost all the states of the country. 

There were 3 winners from Miss category, 3 winners from Mrs Category, 4 Titles National Beauty queen and 10 subtitles were given to contestants on their performance and talent. 
Glam Guidance Miss/Mrs India Asia 2023 is a national competition that tests contestants on international standards. The winners were selected by a rigorous jury. The jury members included Smiley Mukta Ghoshal from America, Girish Kumar from India, Mrs India Neha Singh, Sony Reona, Cheryl D’mello and Monika Handa were present.

Three winners from Mrs Category decided by Jury as different categories Classic, Gold and Platinum winners for their dedication and continuous efforts, their dedication towards social work and recognition in various fields. Mrs India Asia 2023 Gold Category won by Mandip Deol from Amritsar Punjab.

She told that “My name is Mandip Deol, a woman of 34 years, a proud wife of a successful businessman and mother of 2 cute cubs. I have done my double masters in computer science and mathematics. Presently I am working as a computer teacher in a government school at Punjab. I am also playing the role of director of Angels Paradise group of pre schools. For my happiness after my school time I conduct free classes for the under privileged students specially for girls. I believe that behind every successful woman there is a tribe of other successful women who have her back. I want to pay my heartly gratitude towards Neha ma’am and Girish sir. They have given me such a wonderful opportunity to prove myself.”

The director of the show Neha Singh said that the participation from almost all the states of the country was a matter of pride in itself and the example of unity in diversity of the country that has once again emerged from this show.

Bhavna Singh from Uttar Pradesh did the free flow Anchoring in the show. The winners from different Indian states of the country were congratulated by the jury members and Glam Guidance wish them for their bright future. Yoga and Physical Fitness Training provided to the finalists by Monika Handa. Groomers Nazia from Singapore and Smily Mukta G from USA played an important role to groom the finalists and wished all contestants for their bright career.

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