Choreographer Sagar Das Receives an Award From Indian Film & Television Choreographers Association

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Choreographer Sagar Das who has Choreographed songs for superhit films like “Chak De India”, “Raavan” & Many more receives an appreciation award from “Indian Film & Television Choreographers Association” (IFTCA) for his contribution towards the union as a President, Choreographer Sagar Das received this award from the legendary Choreographer Ganesh Acharya.ji, Sagar has been an important part of IFTCA union from a very long time, he served the association as a committee member in his early years and then as a joint secretary for two terms & later he went on to become the youngest President of “Indian Film & Television Choreographers Association” (IFTCA) in the year 2019, he and the entire committee showed great level of HardWork during the times of Covid to help their members and their entire committee was hugely appreciated for the same, recently Choreographer Sagar Das decided not to contest for the (IFTCA) election 2022 as he won’t be able to give enough time considering his busy schedule but Choreographer Sagar Das himself is in support with the new committee and believes that the new (IFTCA) committee is going to do some great work in the coming years

Choreographer Sagar Das has choreographed over 150 songs and there’s no stopping him as we can see a clear raise in his career graph, His passion was dancing and he pursued it with all his focus and now he’s reached the place in his career where he is considered one of the finest Choreographer of Bollywood who has a knack of connecting with his songs emotionally and is good in shooting dancing numbers as well as situational songs, considering his technical talent.

Sagar has been nominated twice in the IIFA awards for choreography work and currently has well over five big projects that he’s working on as a matter of fact Sagar Das recently directed & choreographed an add film starring Actor Ali Fazal for a leading brand produced by S.G Dream Media.

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