Mohit Vashistha: Redefining Success as a Young and Accomplished CEO in the IT Sector

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Mohit Vashistha, the visionary Founder and CEO of Mallington Group of Companies, whose journey exemplifies the epitome of self-made success. Mohit’s odyssey towards triumph commenced at a tender age, where he showcased an unparalleled work ethic and an unwavering resolve to accomplish his ambitions.

Through unwavering determination and surmounting numerous obstacles, Mohit emerged victorious on his path to prosperity. Today, Mallington Group stands as a living testament to his indomitable vision, with a widespread presence in Noida, Delhi, Mohali, Jaipur, UAE, and even four states across the United States—LA, TX, NY, and NJ.

At a youthful 25 years old, Mohit has etched his name as one of the IT sector’s youngest and most accomplished CEOs. Boasting a net worth exceeding 20 crores, his remarkable achievements symbolize an extraordinary entrepreneurial triumph. Guided by his dynamic leadership and strategic prowess, Mohit has soared to the forefront of the business realm.

Beneath his professional accolades, Mohit remains deeply rooted in his faith, finding solace and inspiration in Lord Shiva and Ganpati Ji. These spiritual foundations instill within him a profound sense of humility and gratitude, propelling his entrepreneurial journey to greater heights.

Recognized for his exceptional accomplishments, Mohit has been honored as one of Rajasthan’s top 100 Most Influential Businessmen under the age of 25, solidifying his stature as a highly successful and revered entrepreneur.

For further insights into Mohit and the dynamic world of Mallington Group, explore their official website at To engage in business inquiries and collaborations, kindly direct your correspondence to Stay connected to Mohit’s inspiring narrative by following his Instagram journey at Mohit_sharma_ceo.

Mohit Vashistha’s narrative serves as an inspiring testament, epitomizing the power of resilience, determination, and faith. His extraordinary achievements at such a tender age illuminate a path of unwavering dedication, positioning him as an influential luminary within the realm of business.

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