‘Tu Hi Mera Rab’ song by Rajat Bakshi and Insta influencer Khushi Chaudhry released, must watch this beautiful love story

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In search of something fresh to feel beyond our hearts in recently released songs on YouTube, we frequently just keep scrolling till we encounter an unknown musician whose work offers us a really beautiful melodious sense. This is the central subject of the music video. It doesn’t matter where it comes from- it might be a well-known brand or a well-known person- it can come from anyplace and stay in our hearts forever.

Today, we’re going to talk about a recently released music video called “TU HI MERA RAB,” which will continue to enthral us even after thousands of viewings. This charming tune is a work of art in the music world. Young actress KHUSHI CHAUDHRY played the female lead in the music video for Tu Hi Mera Rab, which was just released on the “ELEGANT EYE MUSIC” official channel. The song was performed by upcoming Indian star singer RAJAT BAKSHI.

Video link – https://youtube.com/watch?v=srlU6vtRUgs&feature=share

Along with youthful, adorable actress and one of the top Instagram influencers, Khushi Chaudhry, Rajat Bakshi lends his melodic voice to this song. This song will be adored by all of you since it doesn’t depict a luxurious lifestyle with expensive automobiles and beautiful countryside; instead, it depicts a basic love tale in a town that will make you feel as though it’s all about you.

In the end, the whole team has performed admirably. Rahul Chahal is the director but he showed his contribution in every department like how to create a world of the characters of the video, set dressing with his production design team. This music video was created with much effort and with the expectation of success. They truly had a lot of difficulties along the way with the music video, but they never gave up and kept putting their ideas into practise, which is why they are now so successful.

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