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Success wasn’t served on a silver platter to this Maestro Event Organizer Mahesh Chavan. Affectionately known as MACC.

MACC is one the most influential names in organizer of parties and event world in Mumbai. As a child he was raised with Principles and strong values and that has brought him a long way. “High goals and staying ambitious are some of the most significant things in life,” says MACC. Although I don’t have fancy degrees, I have my life to teach me, and that has actually helped me develop my character and career.”

Since 2018, he has been building his career as an event organizer. Though he experienced ups and downs in his career, he never let that demotivate him. He organized many events. Some of them were successful, and some were flops.

His belief in trying has paid off and after many attempts he finally succeeded and conducted a successful event.

As a Self-Made Event Organizer MACC built himself from scratch, passed all the obstacles of life until he found the right direction. He is a source of motivation, inspiration and guidance to the young entrepreneurs. He always presses on the realization that if you have a goal, a plan and determination in your life together with the right Strategy, everything is possible.

He worked hard to achieve everything and now he is a renowned event organizer, currently promoting a terrace cafe.

MACC believes that each and every one of us has at least one such quality which can make all our dreams come true. It is for us to identify that skill and sharpen it so as to get the most out of our lives. There are and there will always be criticism and we will have to work on ‘how to face criticism’ and not on ‘how to remove criticism’. If you as a person cannot take criticism then it is something you should worry about because no one is perfect and goodness is in taking feedback positively rather than just being adamant.

He specializes in events and marketing. It was his first event in 2018 that brought him immense success. While he faced many ups and downs, he always stood by many famous artists. Right now, he is also managing a hotel.

His philosophy is based on Genius and expertise, believing that success can be achieved with hard work and time if you have adequate knowledge of a field. His goal is to open his own event management company soon and to work with many industry big names.


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