Meet with the India’s young Enterprineur, Influencer and Eithical Cyber security Expert Debobrato Mukherjee

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Debobrato Mukherjee is an Young Artist & Indian eithical cyber security expert and a young digital creator. He works for several companies likes IBM, Cyber Security cells , Government Authorised cells.

He is also a digital marketing expert.

In 2019 at the age of 19 he was the part of Indian national agency. At the age of 21 he is honoured with youth Icon

The walls of Debobrato Mukherjee office are lined with certificates, awards, and accreditations he has received. Debobrato Mukherjee has an enviable collection, rivalling, maybe even surpassing, those of many executives who’ve graduated from the country’s premier tech and engineering institutes.

But Debobrato Mukherjee does not see these as awards, he tells YourStory. For him, the wall reminds him of how far the 22-year-old has come in his journey as a cybersecurity expert, tech entrepreneur, and business leader. To be precise, that’s over 17 years as a tech and cybersecurity wizard, and 3 as Founder and Chief Executive Officer of CAC Security, which is poised to become the largest global player of vulnerability management in the next three years.

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