Meet a multi-faceted professional donning many hats on his head: Ashok Prasad Abhishek.

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Ashok Prasad Abhishek is an ace Director, Producer, Investor, and IT industrialist who is now taking giant strides across the entertainment industry.

We have already seen and heard about many talented professionals who have lit up their respective fields and domains with their innate talent, passion, skills, and expertise. But how often have we come across multi-faceted professionals spreading their magic across diverse sectors and industries yet shining as gold in each of them and deliver top class results. Well, there are handful of such budding talents who can constantly raise the bar for perfection and deliver desired results. Lets read about one such supremely talented professional named Ashok Prasad Abhishek, who has been acing his game in the IT industry as well as in the entertainment industry.

Hailing from Kolkata, Ashok Prasad Abhishek finished his higher education from London and embarked upon his professional journey in the IT industry. Working as an astute IT industrialist, Ashok scaled great heights of success and set higher benchmarks for many millions to follow. He was also recently honored with the prestigious award for Best IT Services 2022 by the International Human Rights Council. Ashok always felt a strong inclination towards the entertainment industry and wanted to make it big in the long run. He started producing films in the Bhojpuri film industry but faced many problems. In addition to being a ace producer, Ashok is also a director and investor.

Ashok recently produced the movie “Abhineta se Rajneta” which highlights how the film is based on famous Bhojpuri actor Dinesh Lal Yadav, aka Nirahua’s life story that showcases the actor’s journey into becoming a known politician and the many ups and downs that came by his way. The movies has been a colossal hits and has garnered lot of love, fame, and recognition from audiences. Ashok Prasad has also produced a fantastic song named “Hum Reh Gaye Akele,” which has been a huge hit too.

When asked about the future of the entertainment industry, Ashok Opined that “It is time to up the game in the entertainment space, for incredible opportunities await, but most importantly, for serving audiences unique stories that can make a positive difference in their lives”.

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