Young Cancer Survivor Develops Innovative Solution to Hair Loss, Launches Company ‘Fidor Health’ to Revolutionize Hair Loss Treatment After Beating the Odds”

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Facing the tough challenge of Hodgkin Lymphoma, a young boy Prithish Bhardwaj showed incredible strength. He didn’t just beat cancer but also started a special company called ‘Fidor Health’ to help with hair loss. Prithish battled cancer and continued to work out, which amazed everyone. His fitness routine became a symbol of hope. He did bodybuilding during chemotherapy cycles of 8 months. 

During his cancer treatment, Prithish started loosing his hair , which was really tough. But he turned this challenge into an opportunity. With clinical research and self experimentation he created a regimen that not only helped him keep his hair during cancer but also seemed like it could help people who weren’t sick.

Prithish’s company, ‘Fidor Health,’ was born from his experience. Their goal is to find a good way to deal with hair loss, using both science and  Prithish’s experience. His treatment is a blend of Allopathic, Naturopathic, Ayurvedic treatments .

This new approach showed that tough times can lead to amazing discoveries.

Prithish’s story was so touching that it got noticed by the Indian Book of Records. His journey of fighting cancer, keeping up his exercise routine, and then starting ‘Fidor Health’ got him a special place in the records.

But the story doesn’t end there. Prithish’s brother, Pranshu Bhardwaj who is his Co-Founder in Fidor health was his rock throughout the cancer journey. Having Pranshu’s unwavering support showed just how important family can be during tough times.

Today, ‘Fidor Health’ isn’t just a company – it’s a symbol of hope. Prithish’s determination and smart thinking not only changed how we deal with hair loss but also left a mark on the world. His journey from cancer survivor to starting a cool company reminds us that even when things are hard, people can do incredible things.



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