Make Up Artist Komal Soni Launches Glam Factory By Komal.

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Nagpur-born makeup sensation, Komal Soni, has been sweeping the beauty industry with her artistry since 2018. As she marks five years in the profession, her journey stands as a testament to passion, talent, and creativity.

In her free time, Komal indulges in her hobbies, which include experimenting with new makeup techniques and staying updated with the latest beauty trends. Beyond the brushes and palettes, she finds solace in unwinding with family and friends.

Komal’s expertise has graced numerous brands, showcasing her versatility and proficiency in the makeup realm. With a thriving business based in Delhi, India, she has left an indelible mark on the beauty scene.

Having worked with a multitude of clients and projects, Komal Soni’s portfolio is a dazzling display of her ability to transform faces and enhance natural beauty. Her artistic touch has gained recognition not only locally but also internationally.

On social media, Komal boasts a substantial following with 55,000 loyal fans on Instagram and 6,230 subscribers on YouTube. Her platforms serve as an inspiration hub for makeup enthusiasts, providing tutorials, beauty tips, and glimpses into her creative process.

As Komal Soni reflects on her journey so far, her dedication to the craft and commitment to empowering individuals through makeup shines bright. Here’s to five years of glam and the promise of many more to come from the talented makeup maven, Komal Soni.

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