Korean Skin Secrets : Next-Gen Personalized D2C Skin Care.

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Solid Startup Korean Skin Secrets sees future in “Korean-Technology” Formulated Personalized skin care products created for Indian Skin.

Speaking to Media : Mr. Joseph Anooj – The Founder said : “The bigger the business gets, the greater the impact.

The Founder of the startup says consumer appetite is continuing to build for Korean Skin Care format of beauty and personal care products – an interest it hopes to drive further with retail and International expansion plans.

“I recognise that, at the moment, the customer base or the market if you like, is relatively small. But if you build, they will come. People want to make the right conscious choice and I think if you can provide the products that really deliver on efficacy and really do that job, then I think people will move and make that switch.”

Personalised products have always been a huge hit among humans, especially when it comes to our sensitive skin. Our skin is the largest organ of our body, and keeping it healthy has always been our prior concern. According to an industry survey, it has been found that most women do not like the products they usually buy because either they weren’t suiting their skin type or the products were not efficacious enough. And that’s where Korean Skin Secrets comes into the picture — India’s first AI-driven and Dermatologically Approved customised Korean skin care Routine Formulated Products.

Korean Skin Secrets offered a wide range of skin care products – a gentle foaming cleanser, in perfumed and fragrance-free variants; a glutathione serum; a clarifying facial exfoliator; a sunscreen 50+ Spf; skin brightening creams; face serums; rejuvenating night cream; Glutathione soaps, Body Salts; Aroma Candles & more.

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