Mamta Jha made a different identity in the fashion industry with hard work.

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Mamta Jha is a name who has made a different identity in the fashion industry on the basis of her hard work. Mamta Jha recently organized Miss and Mrs. Delhi NCR Show 2023 by Shertal at Radisson Blu Hotel in Dwarka, in which Mamta won the title of Mrs. Delhi NCR on the strength of her hard work. . many female contestants had participated in the Miss and Mrs. Delhi NCR show and among all of them,

Mamta won this title. While talking to the media, Mamta says that it was difficult for me to achieve this success, but it was not possible, so I did not give up and maintained my hard work and by crossing one round after another, I was able to reach my destination. Succeeded and won the title. Mamta further told that in this whole journey, my family members gave me full support, especially my husband and children, who encouraged me every moment, whatever I am today is because of them, Mamta’s dream is to become a great model in the future and to participate in shows on a large scale so that she can go further and bring glory to the country.

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