Who is IGP Raghavendra Suhas.

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Raghavendra Suhas is an Indian Police Service officer (IPS) of the 2001 batch. H e is posted as Additional Director, Rajasthan Police Academy , Jaipur  in Rajasthan.  

He  served the government  of Rajasthan and also earlier govt of India. He has served in various places  in department of revenue, taxation, investigations, law enforcement, public order, and governance. He worked in the state of Karnataka and was  Inspector General of Police (IGP) of the Internal Security Division. He has served the public and country  with full dedication. The people of Karnataka like Raghavendra Suhas as several people centric  work for the public was initiated by him.

The professional life of IGP Raghavendra Suhas

IGP Raghavendra Suhas Sir  professional life is a source of inspiration for others.  By Career,   he is an IPS officer. He is an Engineer , Fellow of Institute of Engineers and Chartered Engineer. He has written technical papers on engineering frontier subjects. He is also seen teaching the students Maths and Physics . His professional life is a source of inspiration for many.  His expertise on national and international river water issues is well heard in the  Engineers corners.  He is pursuing Ph.D. in the subjects of public finance and policies.

IGP Raghavendra Suhas always inspired  his men and moved forward in tackling several law and order issues . Seen to keep   focus on public cause and developments. The Book “Beyond Red Alert “ written by him  aims at taking police and people together .  It guides the  people to be geared up for the natural disaster . This book describes the  evolution of the flood situation in the Krishna River Basin in northern region of Karnataka and technical predictive analysis is made simpler and utilizable by the general public.

IPS Raghavendra Suhas likes is often seen in quite  nature photography, trekking.  He is seen  teaching people and children in his spare time. Whenever a need to help others in studies arise , he reaches out to them . Several children and sub ordinates have qualified in several competative examinations .

He has worked in Research  and Development  in the field of Electricals engineering and High voltage engineering . Served in  Locomotive Company,  and  Automobile Engineering Company

Achievements of IGP Raghavendra Suhas IPS

The lives of more than 500 civilians and police personnel were saved by preventing a secondary blast in 2008 .

IPS Raghavendra Suhas has been  seen as a major saviour ,  saving the lives of people in the terror  blast in Jaipur in the year 2008, May 13.  Several people were saved. Law and order situations was averted. 63 people died in the blast, and 216 were injured. Many many more were saved. Even today this memory is  fresh in the people of Jaipur, and they thank the  IPS Raghavendra Suhas. An unforeseen incident was handled by public and police. The evacuation plans, mitigation plans and investigations  was made effectively by the police administration, which was peaceful and successful .

One of the media reports that , At that time IGP Raghavendra Suhas was posted as the SP in Jaipur. He recalls that  “That evening, I was conducting area domination patrol and driving a police jeep around Sanjay Circle when we heard the explosion just a few meters from the Chand pole temple. We reached there and saw a car in which the driver and passengers were killed. We were shaken,” recalls IPS Raghavendra Suhas. While assisting the injured, the police heard of more blasts . There were eight explosions in total while one bomb was also defused.

At the same time, it was also revealed that those who had conspired had planted two bombs for  different times in the vicinity of  Chand pole Hanuman temple, and this was to inflict  maximum damage. He also said, “While we were rescuing people, a large crowd had gathered. Some vehicles , cycles  were left unattended. There was a unclaimed green bag on a bicycle which had fallen and on inspection, we came to know that there was a bomb in it. The area was cordoned off and diffused and investiagtions made.

This saved the lives of more than 500 civilians and  policeman on duty that night. The second bomb in a bag  placed on the cycle fell on the ground which   was supposed to explode at 8:30 pm. As a result, the alert police personnel got time.  Superintendent of Police  Raghavendra Suhas also told that he came to know about the first lead in this case by midnight. And during the investigation, the whole city stood with the police.

Raghavendra Suhas: Angel for the people of Jodhpur

Due to the constructive people centric  nature of work of Raghavendra Suhas, the state government considered him for Jodhpur Range Deputy Inspector General of Police.  The public reported him as an  angel of the poor.  He is seen to be sensitive to the problems of people and goes to any  extent  to get them their rights , no,  matter how influential the accused are, they have always been put behind the bars.

IGP Raghavendra Suhas was trained at Ajmer , Jaipur and Bharathpur.

His analysis and surgical anti crime initiatives and team performance has been seen commendable. Studies have shown an decrease in crimes.  The cop has  made a place in the hearts of the people. When the farewell took place, people came to see him with fondeness  . The people of Deeg still remember it.

One of his biggest successes is catching the terrorist of the blast in Jaipur. They had traced them with their hard work , team spirit and technical and human intelligence.

He has seen several transfers and was nopt any puppet  in any hands.  IPS Raghavendra Suhas always walks with his principles and rule of laws.

End of the crimes and criminal   history of the Bhima river basin by IGP Raghavendra Suhas

IGP Raghavendra Suhas has said that there will be  culmination of criminal gang wars  on the shores of  district Vijayapura river Bhima banks . He spoke to the media after inspecting the site near Kannala Cross, the national highway where the shooting incident took place in connection with the firing on Mahadeva Sahakura of  Bhima river banks.

15-20 youths have assaulted , fired and conspired the killing of Mahadeva another criminal. The car that was ambushed  by  a truck  and   firings were opened by criminals . Then a petrol bomb was also thrown. But it hasn’t exploded. The driver of the car and the bodyguard died in the incident.

Preparations have been made for the detection of rowdies , criminal gang members in Vijayapura and Solapur. This was seen by Police as a systematic plan with involvement of  professional killers. Preliminary information is found out  on culprits of the firing incident . The IGP Raghavendra Suhas has launched an massive investigation and said it would soon be revealed as to  whether this was an attempt or was thbere any  other motives.

Gambling dens raided: 126 held, including politicians; Rs 56 lakh seized in Dharwad district

IGP (Northern Range) Raghavendra Suhas said, the police team raided Ramya Residency and other places and recovered Rs 56 lakh, 40 vehicles, and 65 cellphone sets. He said the raids were following a tip-off that the people were playing three cards and ‘Andar-bahar’ which amount to gambling. Ironically,  constables were also found gambling during the raid near Mummigat circle and according to sources, the SP has suspended them pending an inquiry. Year 2019, during heavy  monsoon in Karnataka,  severe flood was on sight.  And in that critical situation, he gave his full contribution as engineer and policeman in organisingly evacuating the public from several villages . The engineers team studied predictive analysis made by the IGP and discussion lectures were held. The act of  life saving was immenbsely appreciated by the public.

Writing/Published by : STUTI LUTHRA ( Arshiya )

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