The filmmaker turns into an entrepreneur: Story of Gargee Poyarekar

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Gargee poyarekar opens up  about launching her new streetwear brand 666 reflect (Think beyond the devil) which is also helping to Live Better Life For Stray Animals.

Yeah you heard that right, Over the last week, Instagram has been buzzing with the announcement of the launch of “666 Reflect”, Gargee Poyarekar launches a new streetwear brand with her brother Saurabh Poyarekar. This is the  first  clothing brand “666 Reflect ”  which is on the lookout for  volunteers who can help feed their local strays with photography wearing our brand’s t-shirt, and tag us @666_reflect, we will provide you a 10% Discount and get featured on our page. We teamed up with like-minded people to help these stray animals and this way they’ll live a peaceful life even if it’s on the streets. This brand is inspiring youths to learn the culture of giving and the importance of animal lives matters.

“666 REFLECT” discovers new trends aiming to bring timeless late 90’s  classic, hip hop back into the style with modern twists, created by upcoming designers, Our collection is splashed with over-the-top printed graphics deeply rooted in the heart of streetwear culture that are trendy, casual, premium quality and stylistically unique.  The new collection will launch on 20th june 2023, exclusively on the brand’s website, and on instagram.

Gargee Poyarekar, a Graduation topper, scored 89 percent in Quit her job to pursue her dream to become an entrepreneur. She was working in Yes Bank as Assistant Director, meanwhile she discovered filmmaking, built a team of 5-6 people, started  directing short films, her first short film “WHY SHOULD BOYS HAVE ALL THE FUN” that said if men can do so women can, and they should be equally treated.
Her second short film titled “IF IT’S MEANT TO BE”  is a deep take on love. The entire film is shot inside a room where a girl suffering from Alzheimer is kidnapped by a psychopath.  This short film has changed her life. While shooting this film she slipped, fell over, and her knee exploded. She is diagnosed with a complete ligament tear. She sustained the injury on set but delayed her treatment so the show could go on. She stated that “I had a lot of fun in this short film and the challenges that I faced. “I had to choose whether I could shut down for six to nine months to start the treatment and surgery, or continue shooting so I chose to crack on with this film, and I finished that movie with a broken leg, and that incident  changed her life forever.

And the third short film she is working on is about depression which can support people who are struggling with their mental health and can impact their lives.
Gargee stated “Women across the world are shaping industries by stepping up on larger roles, we need more female entrepreneurs, filmmakers and should fulfil their dreams roles,  making their presence felt by holding powerful positions, so let’s encourage each other to take up challenging roles as well as our first step into entrepreneurship.

Gargee Poyarekar is also a social media influencer, she promotes many branded products via her social media handles, she is popularly known for a girl with a charming face who makes films, she has some serious fan following pages, Influencer have been keeping her fans updates with her instagram reels, @gargeeislove is one of those updated fan pages that gives us a sneak peek into her routine, and grabs attention on social media as too hot to be a filmmaker, she has not mentioned yet anything about her partner on her social media handles.

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