Tastee Fresh: A Culinary Journey from Bharatpur to Nationwide Recognition

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Bharatpur, Rajasthan – Byomesh Garg, a visionary entrepreneur and resident of Bharatpur district, Rajasthan, has embarked on a remarkable culinary journey that has garnered nationwide recognition in the food sector. With an unwavering passion for food, Garg and his team at Tastee Fresh have revolutionized the fast-food industry by introducing an extensive range of delectable offerings, earning accolades for their innovative approach.

Garg’s journey began eight years ago when he set out to establish a prominent presence in the food sector, not only in his hometown but across India. Driven by his passion for food, he attended culinary classes at various coaching institutes and meticulously studied over 500 street food varieties from different regions of India, honing his skills and expanding his knowledge.

Focusing on patties, Garg spearheaded the introduction of new innovations in Bharatpur, gradually increasing the variety and launching an astounding 351 types of patties. This remarkable feat positioned Tastee Fresh as a pioneer in the domain of fast-food innovation. However, the menu did not stop there. Tastee Fresh also offers a diverse range of options, including 60 types of pizza, 40 types of burgers, over 20 types of thick shakes, more than 20 types of sandwiches, and an enticing selection of momos, each known for their exceptional taste and quality.

To further expand their reach, Garg devised a franchise model that offered aspiring entrepreneurs an opportunity to be part of the Tastee Fresh family. With an affordable setup and a nominal franchise fee of ₹200,000, Tastee Fresh began its franchise journey. Currently, the company has successfully established four franchise outlets in Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh, with two more in the pipeline.

Recognizing the exceptional variety and taste of their pure vegetarian 351 patties, Tastee Fresh has been invited to the Influencer Book of World Records. The prestigious event, scheduled for 25th June at the Royal Lalit Hotel in Jaipur, will honor the brand for its remarkable achievements. Additionally, Tastee Fresh was previously honored with the India Business Award by renowned actor Shakti Kapoor at a grand event in Delhi on 19th February. Furthermore, their Paneer Tikka Patties recipe, presented by Bhagyashree, received recognition at India’s top chef meeting in Goa.

Garg’s ultimate vision is to establish Tastee Fresh as a leading brand in the fast-food industry, not just in India, but also on the international stage. His father, Mr. Laxmikant Garg, has been a constant source of support since the inception of this concept. Together, they currently operate two outlets in Bharatpur, with each outlet handled by either Garg or his father.

Tastee Fresh has successfully combined culinary expertise, innovation, and a passion for delivering exceptional taste experiences. With their continuous drive for excellence, Tastee Fresh is set to redefine the fast-food landscape in India and beyond.

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