Social Activist Sharad Kumar Yadav : Alleviating The Miseries Of The Society.

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Sharad Kumar, Social Activist and Leader. Social workers provide services to the people who are financially weak or otherwise needy. They work with a diverse set of population and provide assistance to the people according to their ability.

Social work is not considered a profession where you can see your own benefit. But often there is no better feeling than being able to help someone when they need it. It has been found that social workers have a lot of enthusiasm as compared to other professions which encourages them to serve someone wholeheartedly. Sharad Kumar is working to serve the people and make their life easier, he is not competing to earn money, he has come forward to serve the people only in the spirit of service.

Sharad Kumar is 23 years old and also known as Sharad Kumar Yadav. It is very much discussed among the youth of Banka city of Bihar. Sharad Kumar Yadav has studied management from Lucknow University and came into politics for social change and social welfare.

He considers himself a servant of the society and believes that true service brings peace to his mind. Born in a land rich in cultural and historical heritage of Bihar, Sharad Kumar is a common man coming from Yadav family but his values ​​are deeply rooted. Sharad Kumar’s knowledge, experience and moral values ​​set him apart from others thus making him a hero for the society. The party is expecting Sharad Kumar, a villager from Banka (hometown) to become the youth leader of the future because people like Sharad Kumar, who is strong in morals, have a direct connection with the people and the people themselves want to give him the place on which he belongs. While living, he can serve them as much as possible.

Hardly a day would have passed when Sharad Kumar would not have thought of public welfare. He is not an ordinary person who has come to do politics just for the name. He has bound himself to serve the people with true devotion.
When the epidemic had spread in India, Sharad Kumar was engaged day and night to relieve the problems of the people, due to his service spirit, he forced people to stay at home during the time of red alert. He went and distributed food and medicine to the people, organized blood donation programs and helped the needy by running blanket donation campaigns for the poor in winters. The list of his good deeds is long, but only those who get his help can tell about him in a better way, how he is ready to help people unconditionally.




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