Renowned Makeup Artist Deeya Mittal: Transforming Faces and inspiring millions

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Deeya Mittal, born in the vibrant city of Hindaun in Rajasthan , she has become a household name in the makeup industry, captivating audiences with her exceptional talent and creativity
Starting her professional journey in 2020 with over 4 yrs experience she has become a prominent name , leaving an indelible mark on the world of glamorous.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Deeya find joy in traveling and dancing, passion that fuel her creativity and zest for life. In her free time she dedicates herself to her family and strives to expand her knowledge of makeup technique, constantly seeking to enhance her skills.

Having collaborated with over 10 renowned brands, deeya mittal influence extends far Beyond delhi. While her business is rooted in the capital, she manages projects across pan India and has even made a mark globally. With an impressive portfolio of 200+ clients and projects, deeya artistry knows no bounds.

Deeya influence extends beyond the confines of traditional media, as evidenced by her substantial following on social platforms. With over 17000 followers on Instagram and more than 100 subscribers on YouTube, she leverages her online presence to inspire and empower individuals worldwide.

Deeya Mittal , renowned for her exceptional skills in the makeup industry, has established a makeup studio in Rohini , North Delhi. The studio stands as a hub for both short-term and long-term makeup courses, providing aspiring artists with a unique opportunity to learn from a seasoned professional. Deeya commitment to nurturing talent and sharing her expertise reflects in the comprehensive and tailored courses offered at her studio, making it go to destination for those passionate about mastering the art of makeup.


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