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By Prof Dr Shiv Sethi

Oceanic Hearts” by Renowned Director Choreographer Mansi Aggarwal Sets Sail to Literary Success

Mansi Aggarwal, known for her exceptional work as a Filmmaker, Choreographer, Screenwriter and Producer, has added yet another feather to her cap of accomplishments with the publication of her debut novel, “Oceanic Hearts.” The book, released on July 14, 2023, has been making waves, receiving widespread appreciation from readers and critics alike.

Mansi Aggarwal’s journey in the world of art, culture and entertainment began as a choreographer. She established herself as a visionary choreographer and director in the realm of Bollywood. Known for her unique and narrative-driven approach to choreography, she left an indelible mark with films such as “Dev.D,” “Gulaal,” “Gippi”, Shanghai”, “Kai Po Che,” and “Mary Kom,” earning critical acclaim, a Filmfare Award nomination and a dedicated fan following.

Her ability to evoke profound emotions through her work has resonated with audiences on the big screen, and now, with “Oceanic Hearts,” she has successfully translated her storytelling prowess to touch readers’ hearts.

While continuing her successful stint as a narrative driven choreographer, Mansi, further explored her storytelling skills through directing and producing short films. Her films “The Handbag” and “Raani” garnered critical acclaim and were featured in prestigious film festivals. “Raani” even clinched the Best Actor award at the Golden Jury International Film Festival. It was during this time that the publishers, “Red Grab Books,” recognized her literary potential and offered her the opportunity to write her first novel.

“Oceanic Hearts” is a contemporary romance that transcends the genre and beautifully weaves the tale of Anusha and Aman, two individuals who meet serendipitously at Delhi airport and discover a humane connection despite grappling with depression and personal loss. The novel’s poignant narrative and touching portrayal of love and healing have struck a chord with the readers.

For Mansi, writing “Oceanic Hearts” was a labour of love that took two years to complete, as she was simultaneously working on a feature film script. It was in Andaman and Nicobar Islands this year that she was able to give final shape to the book. The title “Oceanic Hearts” is inspired by the deep blue waters of the Andaman Sea.

Since its publication in July, Oceanic Hearts has been curated by most of the prestigious National and International Online bookstores for their catalogues. “Foyles”, “”, “Kinokuniya”, “Opentrolley”, “Saxo”, “Annie Bloom Books”, “Rippedbodice books”, “Hicklebees”, “Sanmin”, “”, “IBS.It”, and many others.

It is also available for international readers at Amazon Books, Ebay, Walmart and the world’s largest bookstore “Barnes and Noble”. (Oceanic Hearts)

The novel has also been put forth by “Bhubaneswar”, Lucknow”, “Bilaspur”, “Patna”, “Agra”, “Prayagraj” and “Goa” Book Fairs.

Mansi Aggarwal’s personal life has been equally fulfilling. Born and raised in Delhi, she pursued her passion for Indian Classical dance, Kathak, before delving into the world of films and entertainment. She holds an Economics Honours degree from Hansraj College, University of Delhi.

In 2017, Mansi tied the knot with cinematographer Arindam Bhattacharjee. They met on the sets of a film in 2011, and since then, they have been supporting each other’s artistic endeavours.

Looking ahead, Mansi Aggarwal is excited to direct her upcoming feature film “Dil Beparwaah,” which has already received the “Most Viable Film Project Award” at the Diorama Film Festival. 

As “Oceanic Hearts” soar to new literary heights, Mansi Aggarwal’s journey serves as an inspiration to aspiring artists everywhere. We eagerly await more exceptional works from this brilliant storyteller in the future. Congratulations to Mansi Aggarwal on this resounding success!

 • Oceanic Hearts can be purchased in Kindle and Paperback editions.

( Prof Dr Shiv Sethi is an internationally acclaimed Literary Critic and Book Reviewer who has reviewed the books of authors like Ruskin Bond and Arundhati Roy for the prestigious media houses from all across the globe)

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