PM Narendra Modi presents National Creators Award

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi presented the winners of the National
Creators Award 2024 on Friday, March 8, 2024. It was the first award form in
the series. The awards were presented at Bharat Mandapam, a convention
center in New Delhi.
The Government of India launched this brand new award program to
recognize and empower digital creators making a positive impact.
The 2018 National Creator Award entered further than nominations in 20
orders and further than 10,000 votes were cast during the selection process.
The nominated 23 winners were named according to three international
factors. Some of the award orders were swish storyteller, Disruptor of the
Year, Celebrity Creator, Green Champion, Social Change Advocate and
multitudinous further. This diversity underlines the great impact of digital
content creators on various aspects of Indian life
First ever national creators award in 20
Listing the Winners of National Creators Awards 2024:
● National Creator Awards 2024: Outright Winners
● Jaya Kishori: Best Creator of Social Change
● Kabita Singh (Kabita’s Kitchen): Best Creator in Food Category
● Drew Hicks: Best International Creator

● Kamiya Jani: Favorite Traveler- Creator
● Ranveer Allahbaiceps: (Beer Biceps : ): Disruptor of the Year
● RJ Raunac (Bauaa): Most Creative Creator – Male
● Ankit Baiyanpuria: Best Health and Fitness Creator
● Naman Deshmukh: Best Creator in Education – category
● Jahnvi Singh: Heritage Fashion Icon
● Malhar Kalambe: Swachhta Ambassador
● Gaurav Chaudhary: Best Content Creator in Tech Category
● Maithili Thakur: Cultural Ambassador of the Year
● Makurssaithili Ambassador Best Storyteller of the Year
● Shraddha: Most Creative Creator (Female)
● Aridaman: Best Micro-Creator
● Nishchay: Best Gaming Creator
● Aman Gupta: Celebrity Creator.
20 Award Categories
Prime Minister Narendra Modi presented the first ever National Content
Creator Awards at Bharat Mandapam in New Delhi on Friday.
The awards were presented in 20 categories including Best Storyteller,
Disruptor, Celebrity Creator, Green Champion, Best Content Creator . for
Social Change, Most Influential Agriculture Creator, Cultural Ambassador,
Best Tourism Creator, Swachhta Ambassador, New Champion of India,
Technology Creator, Fashion Heritage Creator, Most Creative Creator (Male
& Female), Best Creator in Food- Category, Best Creator in Education and
International Creator Award.

-Diksha Kanojia.
(Speak Network)

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