Parallel Galaxies: Affordable Metaverse Gaming for Investors & Entrepreneurs

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Kolkata, 15th Nov 2023 — Parallel Galaxies, a gaming innovator, is venturing into the metaverse, bringing affordable game development to a global audience. Led by co-founders Dr. Arnab Mitra and Mr. Anirban Ghosh, they aim to make high-tech metaverse games accessible to all, regardless of budget.

In the fast-paced tech world, Parallel Galaxies is not just keeping up; they’re leading the way. Their mission is to democratize immersive gaming by using cost-effective technology. Arnab envisions a future where everyone, regardless of financial means, can enjoy the incredible world of gaming, especially within the rapidly expanding realm of the metaverse.

“We’re on a mission to make the metaverse accessible to all. Whether you have a lot of money or a little, we believe everyone should enjoy the incredible world of gaming.”

Parallel Galaxies is actively seeking global gaming partners and entrepreneurs to join their vision. They want to create both affordable games and a vibrant metaverse community. Through forums, social media, and in-game features, they are building a space for the global gaming community to connect and contribute.

Now, with a focus on Metaverse game development, Parallel Galaxies, with its strong gaming industry history and leadership by Arnab and Anirban, is poised to lead the charge into the metaverse. Their commitment to affordability and community engagement makes them key players in shaping the future of not just gaming but the metaverse experience as well.

In summary, Parallel Galaxies, with Arnab and Anirban as co-founders, is making waves in the gaming industry. By prioritizing affordability, inclusivity, and venturing into metaverse game development, they’re not just keeping up; they’re changing the game. As they invite global partners to join this exciting journey, the dream of affordable metaverse game development becomes a reality that will reshape gaming for years to come.

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