P.V.Laxmiprasad is a man of mighty words.

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P.V.Laxmiprasad  Is an eminent academician, author, editor and literary critic. He hails from Karimnagar, Telangana. He has published 42 books to his credit. Besides, he has 75 research papers, 100 poems and 55 book reviews to his credit. He has maintained consistency for the last two decades in the publishing journey. His outstanding credentials can be seen in the way of numerous publications predominantly on Indian Writings in English and Regional Literature in Translation. His poems, research papers and book reviews speak of his eternal contributions to the cause of promoting Indian authors in English. His books, both authored and edited, place him at the forefront of literary criticism for significant contributions. They include established and emerging writers in Indian English literature. The selection and choice of writers are unique in the sense that they are masters of poetry, fiction, stories and plays. Laxmiprasad has chosen writers based on merit and class. His books put him on top of the literary world for two obvious reasons. First, they are writers who dealt with first-generation issues. Secondly, the other writers dealt with the emerging issues in post-independent India. It is to his credit that he combined the two styles, locales and themes of different generations. Any such work is to be viewed from the objective point of view. Writing is one part and evaluating is another part. There is no creative writer without a critic. A literary critic is the soul of all creative works. Having looked at this dimension, one can estimate that P.V.Laxmiprasad has emerged as the authoritative critic of Indian Writing in English. His 42 books speak volumes of literary saga in the publishing journey for more than two decades.

As for the classification of his works, one can see that his books belong to all genres. He has touched all genres –poetry, drama, story and fiction. They include authored books and edited volumes. All his books deal with society, culture, region, partition literature, environment, geography, mythology and the land. If Laxmiprasad has successfully published these books, it reflects his deeper understanding of Indian writers. His vision is truly symbolic of next-generation readers, especially those research scholars. It is generally held that some stories are written with pen. Some stories are written with pain. Laxmiprasad combined the elements of pen and pain in his relentless pursuit of quality and authority. His knowledge of Indian writers was amazing when he picked up a writer. Even his books like the Bhagavadgita and the Upanishads emphasize the strong roots of ancient texts. Laxmiprasad has lived in the traditional world and the modern world. These two worlds have put him in the position where he is now in. Culture is part of language and rich heritage. Literature is the vehicle of all these elements in his books. The variety and diversity of his publications stamp him from the rest of the writers. In that, he remains a unique author and editor. His works on Swami Vivekananda, Tiruvalluar, Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan and Upanishads and Bhagavad-gita are noteworthy publications. Next, his books on Partition literature and Indian Queens like Queen of Jhansi Laxmibai and Queen of Kittur are other added features to his list of publications. His knowledge of the Ramayan is evident from the book on Sita, a character sketch from his reading of Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni’s novel The Forest of Enchantments. In his pursuit of literary excellence, Laxmiprasad has worked on Amitav Ghosh, Manju Kapur, Mahesh Dattani, Shiv K Kumar apart from other writers. His works on Indian Poets include KV Raghupathi, DC Chambial, TV Reddy, IK Sharma, PCK Prem, Manas Bakshi, Raamaa Chandramouli, etc. His books on P.Raja and others like PCK Prem as story writers are jewels in literature. He has continued this tempo with other writers in English. Nalini Sharma, Shujat Hussain and others have enriched his works. His other works are on the novels of Daya Dissanayake speak volumes about his scholarship. Next, his critical book on Indian Women and their achievements is a testament to his calibre of innovative research. His significant work on Indian Regional writers is an added feather to his contributions. Indian partition figured in the list of his publications. He authors books with ease and felicity. He edits books with authority. The books which brought Laxmiprasad a good name are not just a few books but all alike which stand for variety and vivacity. His two books on Mahasweta Devi and Indira Goswami are intensely rooted in translations.  Laxmiprasad chooses his writers from across the country. Next, we have in him a potential literary critic when he edited a book on Literary Theories. It is to his credit that Laxmiprasad has published a few books in the USA. All his books have been taken over by the World of Congress of Library, USA. All his books have been taken over by distributing markets all over the world. This is the journey of P.V.Laxmiprasad as the author and editor.

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