Earneasy24 App Real or Fake ? Proper review

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Earneasy24 is a Captcha Filling Earn Money App. This app has more than 1 million downloads on Google Play Store, but the question is, is Earneasy24 a real app? Can money be earned from this? In this post, we will know whether Earneasy24 app is real or fake?

When you download and open this app, you will be asked to take a paid plan to earn money. You can earn sufficient money from this app for free. According to this app, you have to take its plan to earn money, only then you will be able to earn by working in it.

When you register this app, then two options of demo work and paid work appear in it. By clicking on demo work, you can know how to earn in this app.

Earneasy24 App is Fully trusted and real App Ao many people’s earn money from this app. There is not one but many reasons for this app being real.. Here I will …

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How to earn money from Earneasy24 App?

Is Earneasy24 App Real or Fake?
1. Real
2. Given payment on time –

How to earn money from Earneasy24 App?

Captcha has to be filled to earn money from this app. Captcha will keep coming in front of your mobile screen and you can earn money by filling them. The more Captcha you fill, the more money you will earn.

There are 3 plans given in the app and according to all the plans, the limit of earning money is also different. If you take the most expensive plan, then you will get more benefits.
The subscription plan in this app is as follows.
Gold – Rs.6,999 (Security Deposit – Rs.499)
Platinum – Rs.9,999 (Security Deposit – Rs.999)
Silver Plus – Security Deposit -Rs.3,999
If you take its gold plan, then you can start work by depositing Rs.499 Security Deposit, after that the remaining money will be deducted from your earnings.

In the Gold plan, you will get Rs 75 for filling 1500 Captchas. The facility to fill Unlimited Captcha has been given in this plan, that means you can earn money by filling Unlimited Captcha.

In this, Rs.499 Security Deposit is returned after doing work of Rs.35,000, so if you want Rs.499 Security Deposit back, then work of Rs.35,000 will have to be done.

Its cheapest plan is Silver plus, in which you have to deposit Rs.3,999 Security Deposit, after that you do not have to deposit any money. In this too, when you do work of Rs.35,000, you can take back Rs.3,999 Security Deposit.

Is Earneasy24 App Real or Fake?

Earneasy24 App is Fully Real and Genuine, Lots of peoples earn money from this app. There is not one but many reasons for this app being real. Here I will tell all those reasons one by one so that you will understand why this app is real?

1. Real Captcha Work
This app gives money for filling Captcha. Let me tell you that Captcha is used for human verification.
Captcha will be seen in the website of many companies. People put this in their website so that no bot can try to hack the website.

If there is a captcha in a website, then only a human will be able to read and fill it, a machine ie bot is unable to read and understand the captcha, so the website remains protected from being hacked.
Actually so many can earn money by filling captcha, Earneasy24 apps that earn money by filling captcha are all real. Many people deposit money without thinking and earn daily.

2. Subscription Plan –
Its Subscription Plan is completely refundable. If we talk about its Gold plan, then its fee is Rs 6,999, in which you can start work by paying Rs 499, after that the remaining money will be deducted from your earnings.

It has been told in this plan that for filling 1500 captchas, you will get 75 rupees.
In this way, if we assume that we fill a captcha in 10 seconds, then it will take us 250 minutes to fill 1500 captchas, that is, it will take 2 hours.

In this way, by working continuously for 8 hours, you will be able to earn only Rs.150 and similarly by working continuously for 16 hours, you will earn Rs.300 and in this way, by working for 8 hours daily, you will earn only Rs.4,500 in a month.

Now because its plan fee of 6,999 has to be paid, then after working for 2 months you will have  20000 rupees left. Apart from this, the company says that when you do the work of Rs 35,000, then the Security Deposit will be returned.

You have to wait for 8 months to get back the Security Deposit. In this way you can understand how this app is given good returns of money to people in the name of Earneasy24.ney. This app is very legit and genuine.

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