Diksha Kanojia Named India’s Youngest Senior Sub Editor and COO for Speek Community Magazine

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In a remarkable achievement, Diksha Kanojia has been appointed as India’s youngest Senior Sub Editor and Chief Operating Officer (COO) for Speek Community Magazine, a venture by VDCI LTD. Scheduled for release in April 2024, the magazine aims to bridge communities through insightful content across both traditional bookshops and digital platforms.

At just 24 , Kanojia’s appointment underscores her exceptional talent and dedication in the field of journalism and media management. Her role as a Senior Sub Editor and COO places her at the forefront of editorial decision-making and operational strategies for Speek Community Magazine, promising fresh perspectives and innovative approaches in content creation and distribution.

Speaking about her appointment, Kanojia expressed her enthusiasm for the magazine’s vision of fostering community engagement and dialogue through diverse storytelling. With her experience and passion, she aims to elevate the magazine’s presence both offline and online, ensuring it resonates with readers across different demographics.

As India eagerly anticipates the launch of Speek Community Magazine in April 2024, all eyes are on Diksha Kanojia as she takes on this significant role, poised to make a lasting impact in the world of journalism and community building.

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