Best Hair Transplant clinic in Mumbai Running by DR.TARUN GARG ,DR.SHWETA SHARMA & DR.SHWETA JAIN

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Welcome to Avanza, where the art of cosmetology meets the science of Hair Transplant to deliver a life changing experience to you, by restoring your crowning glory. We call this process, Hairodynamics. The pioneers of Avanza Clinic, Dr Tarun Garg(MD Dermatology), Dr Shweta Jain ( Trichologist and Hair Transplant Surgeon) , Dr Sonal Shah ( MBBS , Md Dermatology) and Dr Shweta Sharma(Physiotherapist BPT, MPT, MIAP)are team of skilled, highly qualified surgeons and have restored hair for over 7000 people across the globe since 2019. Celebrities and people from the Glam Industry vouch for us. Grooms who have come to us, with rapidly progressing hair fall, damaged further by quick fix solutions, have found the perfect answer in our scientific processes. Business Leaders, Entrepreneurs and Sports People who look aged before their years, have stepped out smiling with a full mane of hair.

Our attention to detail is best in class equipment, imported from the finest manufacturers are deployed to make your hair story a success. Disposable kits are used to ensure your safety. Carefully tuned processes ensure that you can step back to your normal life in a short span of time. Our grafting technology is minimally invasive, our skills are backed by experience, all of which lead to you getting a natural hairline, a great graft quality, zero damage to existing hair and above all, a permanent result. Step up! Transform to a look better, feel better, and be a better version of you. Step in to Avanza. Your Hairodynamic experts.One stop clinic for all hair restoration procedures, skin and cosmetic treatments, Nutrition and Physiotherapy.

Clinic Locations: Mumbai Lokhandwala | Mumbai South Bombay | Raipur Chhattisgarh

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