Ananya Mondal has made a different identity in the Miss India queen of hearts east 2022 in the fashion industry with hard work.

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Ananya Mondal, a resident of Kolkata, has revealed her identity as soon as she steps into the fashion industry.  Yes, recently Miss and Mrs. India Queen of Hearts Show 2022 was organized in which Ananya also participated and in the same show Ananya won the title of Miss India Queen of Hearts East 2022 with her hard work. 55 women contestants participated in the show organized by Ankur Aggarwal and Saloni Aggarwal, in which Ananya succeeded in winning this title with her hard work and good intentions, and in the same celebrity Sonali Raut congratulated Ananya by crowning her. Talking to the media, Ananya told that when family members are with you and support you shoulder to shoulder, then it becomes easy to achieve any success, and that in this show also her family members supported her very well.  

She further said that whatever she is today is because of her family. Ananya also thanked her mentor Tunal Kumar who taught her so much.  Let us tell you that now Ananya’s dream is to become a great model, which she has started and now she also wants to participate in different shows so that she can take herself further up the ladder of success and achievements.

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