Woman shares BBL journey after spending £10k & everyone’s saying the same thing


A YOUNG woman shared her BBL journey – but it’s the comments that got everyone talking.

Looking to get ”a little bunda”, the TikTok user Pao (@paobasour) decided to spend a whopping £10,000 and go under the knife – but although she appeared to be happy with the final results, the video was very soon flooded with remarks left by online trolls.


Pao wanted to go for a more natural look and a ”little bunda”Credit: TikTok/ paobasour
According to the video, it took her a few months to recover fully


According to the video, it took her a few months to recover fullyCredit: TikTok/ paobasour

In a clip, which has since taken the internet by storm, racking up a staggering two million views, the woman inserted a snap of what she looked like prior to the surgery.

Wanting to grow her bum, Pao started to look around for potential surgeons – and although there were a few in Turkey, who are known for lower prices, the woman decided to opt for a specialist based in Harley Street.

”I did not want to fly back to Turkey just in case anything happened and I did not want to die on the surgery table.”

According to a follow-up video she posted a day ago, the beauty lover revealed she was charged £10,000 for the procedure.

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Before the big day, Pao claimed she had had a lot of consultation because of a ”medical thing” she had going on.

”So he basically gave me the best advice I could go for.”

Once everything was clear, the TikTok user showed the doctor a photo of Lovi Harvey, an American model and socialite, whose physique Pao was hoping to achieve.

”I kinda want to have a more natural look,” she said, explaining she didn’t go for a Nikki Minaj bum, as that wouldn’t suit her body shape, in her eyes.

”I just want that little bunda, not a giant bunda.”

Praising the overall experience – and also sharing a referral code to get a discount – Pao recommended the services to fellow beauty lovers.

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”He is definitely one of the best surgeons in the world – and it’s very clean and sterilised.”

However, whilst she may have been pleased with what she left the clinic with, there were many mean comments written by trolls who believed she had made the right decision.

”your the first person I’ve seen that actually needed it [sic],” read one of them – a remark that’s been liked more than 18,000 times.

Another agreed, adding that ”bro saved you”.

Luckily, it wasn’t all negative, as some joined to show support, with one saying: ”not the “needed that” comments, yall just stay disappointing, anyways i’m happy your happy and that’s all that matters [sic].”

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”those comments ain’t it. No one needs anything,” wrote a second.

”If she is happy that is all that matters but it’s not your place to decide.”

The video has been liked by close to 210,000 people on TikTok


The video has been liked by close to 210,000 people on TikTokCredit: TikTok/ paobasour


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