Woman reveals very strange packing technique – but people love it


A TRAVEL expert has shared a unique hack to packing luggage – but people love it.

When packing her toiletries bag for short business trips, TikTok travel blogger Rebecca revealed the items she always keeps packed and ready in her bags.


A TikTok travel blogger has shared a top packing hack

She said she always prints and laminates lists as a reminder of what items need adding at the last minute, such as toothpaste or medication.

She told her followers: “Because I do a lot of short trips for business, I’ve had to get really efficient at packing.

“I keep laminated lists in each section of my toiletries bag. Most of the items I keep in there all of the time, and then I have to add in a few things like my make-up, medications, jewellery and then I’m ready to go.”

Rebecca added: “Doing it this way means I can be packed up in just a few minutes.

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“My toiletries bag is really compact so it’s easy to fit inside my carry-on if I’m not checking in any luggage.”

Viewers were impressed with the detail and organisation of Rebecca’s packing routine.

One person commented: “This list making by compartment is next level. I’m definitely needing to up my game.”

Another put: “OMG your lists! It is what I’m missing. I have pre-packed bags but always forget something.”

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The essential items included bamboo cutlery, silicone ear plugs, and a clip-on book light.

A TikTok travel blogger has shared some top tips for packing luggage


A TikTok travel blogger has shared some top tips for packing luggageCredit: Getty


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