Wife sends nervous husband hilarious vasectomy ‘care package’


HUSBAND nervous over a vasectomy got a “care package” from his missus — full of cutting humour.

Binman Saul Monro, 28, opened sweets with names changed to read “no Jelly- babies”, “vasectomy Club”, “Timeout on sex” and “thanks for not Flake-ing out”.


Saul Monro got a vasectomy got a ‘care package’ from his wife Lauren — full of cutting humourCredit: Kennedy News/@laur_mun
Lauren addressed the £25 hamper to 'Sauly No-balls'


Lauren addressed the £25 hamper to ‘Sauly No-balls’Credit: Kennedy News/@laur_mun

Wife Lauren also used card and a marker pen to turn snacks into “no-ball nuts” and “don’t jerk beef jerky”.

The £25 hamper, addressed to “Sauly No-balls”, contained a water pistol with “shooting blanks” written on the side.

And it was topped with a condolences card saying: “Sorry for your loss.”

Online footage of Saul going through it had more than 700,000 views.

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Lauren, 28, of Birkenhead, Merseyside, said they decided on the op after their second child was born in January.

It all went well on Saturday — after Lauren played Saul the Jerry Lee Lewis classic Great Balls of Fire.

She said: “We love a pun and have a twisted sense of humour.

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“I did put some painkillers in and snacks he really likes.”

Saul said: “I laughed my head off. It calmed me down.”

Saul opened sweets with names changed to read 'no Jelly- babies', 'vasectomy Club', 'Timeout on sex' and 'thanks for not Flake-ing out'


Saul opened sweets with names changed to read ‘no Jelly- babies’, ‘vasectomy Club’, ‘Timeout on sex’ and ‘thanks for not Flake-ing out’Credit: Kennedy News/@laur_mun


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