Who is TikTok star Jimmy Darts?


TIKTOK makes people famous for all kinds of reasons.

User Jimmy Darts became famous on the TikTok platform for his kindness, generosity, and humorous spirit.


Jimmy Darts with one of his good samaritansCredit: Instagram @jimmydarts

Who is TikTok star Jimmy Darts?

Jimmy Darts is a 26-year-old who is originally from Walker, Minnesota, and is the king of random acts of kindness.

There’s only one catch: Jimmy acts as if he is the one in need, and asks strangers for help, most often met with head shakes or a straight-up “no.”

When Jimmy finally gets someone to help him out, whether it be buying a gallon of milk, giving him $.50 to ride a children’s ride, or sharing their meal with him, he turns the tables on them.

It’s after someone helps him out that he surprises them with cash, cars, living arrangements, and even connections to jobs.

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He crowdfunds his money now that he’s famous but in the beginning, he told People magazine that he “went broke” by giving away his own cash at first.

“I couldn’t do any of this without them,” Jimmy told the outlet, referring to his 8.3million followers and their donations.

“When you have 10 million people watching something, and everyone chips in $2 or $3, you can really change people’s lives,” he says.

“The people who donate are all superheroes.”

Why does Jimmy do what he does?

Jimmy is a Christian and says that seeing people with little to nothing willing to give to others in need is plenty of motivation.

He also has plans to one day build his own church, according to People.

He told the outlet that having his own church would be a fantastic way “to show people that God is fun and holy at the same time.”

He added that the “heart behind all the videos is really just to love people unconditionally.”

Jimmy Darts loves to surprise good samaritans simply for having giving spirits


Jimmy Darts loves to surprise good samaritans simply for having giving spiritsCredit: Instagram @jimmydarts

How can I donate to Jimmy Darts?

If you’d like to donate to Jimmy Darts and his random acts of kindness, you can visit his website Jimmydarts.com.

Here, you’ll be prompted to either become a partner (a recurring donation of your choice will be donated at the time interval of your choosing), or a one-time donor.

You can also donate through his TikTok page, @Jimmydarts.

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