Who is TikTok creator Emily Mariko?


ON a platform known for outrageous antics, trending music, challenges, and dance moves, Emily Mariko stands out because of her ability to find joy in life’s simple pleasures and document them authentically.

The 30-year-old influencer doesn’t appear to use ring lights, filters, or sound effects in her videos; she just films them and posts them, which many users find refreshing.


Emily Mariko is a viral TikTok star, best known for her simple videos of her making lunchCredit: Emily Mariko/TikTok

Who is Emily Mariko?

Emily Mariko is a 30-year-old content creator on TikTok.

Her profile says she lives in the Bay Area of California.

Her earliest videos are of her seemingly seeking a niche.

These videos from early 2020 show Emily dancing, doing unboxing and shopping haul videos, and showing how she styled different pieces of clothing.

But while she racked up thousands of views on her earlier videos, it wasn’t until November 2021 when she officially went TikTok viral, with a video that currently has more than 81million views.

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That video was of her making lunch.

There wasn’t any music, dancing, or even any voiceover or titles on the video.

It was literally just Emily, in her apartment, opening the refrigerator and zapping some rice and salmon in the microwave.

The video ends with Emily taking a bite of her lunch and smiling.

Since then, she’s skyrocketed to internet fame for her daily lunch videos, minimalist (and very clean) apartment, organization tips, and fresh farmer’s market finds.


Watching Emily is kind of like watching HGTV or the Food Network, except that it’s real.

Emily rarely appears to be wearing heavy makeup and tends to wear cute active wear.

She seems friendly and approachable like you’re just hanging out with your best friend.

Emily Mariko on Instagram


Emily Mariko on InstagramCredit: Emily Mariko/Instagram

As Madeline Sinovic wrote in a piece for the Fordham Observer,

“Aside from the calming feelings that come from watching Mariko’s TikToks, I also experience a strange mix of emotions,” she mused.

“Inspiration, insecurity, and envy simultaneously run through me when I click on her page.”

Sinovic believes Emily’s popularity lies in the niche of being a “comforting escape for college students when they want to imagine a more put-together life for themselves.”

How many followers does Emily Mariko have?

On TikTok, Emily currently has 10.5million followers, with nearly 431million likes spread across her videos.

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She also shares longer vlogs on her YouTube channel, with her 574k followers.

Finally, on Instagram, Emily has 785k followers.

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