When will Netflix start charging users who share passwords? Everything we know


NETFLIX’S plan to crackdown on people password sharing could affect more than 100million subscribers worldwide.

After years of turning a blind-eye to the tactic, the streaming giant looks set to finally put an end to it.


More than 100million accounts are shared outside their householdCredit: Getty

So what does it mean for your account? And when can we expect charges to creep in?

What is Netflix’s password sharing ban plan?

Netflix wants to stop people sharing their account password with people who live outside their household for free.

With the ability to use four screens at the same time on the Premium package, members have long used it as an opportunity to spread the cost between friends and family.

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But after losing 200,000 subscribers recently – the highest in a decade – Netflix is now looking to rein in the practice.

How will the Netflix password sharing ban work?

People won’t strictly be banned if they share their password – instead, they’ll be charged more when caught doing it.

It’s not clear what the plan is just yet, but we’ve already got an idea of how it might play out due to a trial in Chile, Costa Rica and Peru.

Since March, Netflix has been testing it, asking bill payers to cough up around £2/$2.70 on top of their usual fees.

Netflix can detect when an account isn’t used in the same household by looking at the IP address.

Subscriptions detected for account sharing receive a prompt, telling them to pay more for two additional profiles.

We’re not sure how Netflix will enforce it, but the site will reportedly use multi-factor authentication, where a code is sent to the bill payers phone each time, making it harder for outsiders to use.

When will Netflix start charging to share your password?

Netflix hasn’t revealed when it’ll expand the trial beyond Chile, Costa Rica and Peru.

Nor has it said which countries it will apply it to.

Speaking on Tuesday, boss Reed Hastings simply hinted it was coming, saying the firm is “working super hard on it”.

“The principle way we have is asking our members to pay a bit more to share the service outside their homes,” said Greg Peters, Netflix’s chief product officer.

Netflix price changes over the years


Netflix price changes over the years

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