What is the TikTok ‘blush’ hack?


TIKTOK is typically full of DIYs, hacks, entertainment, and product reviews.

Now, fans are learning new ways of applying blush through a new TikTok trend.


User @hayleybuix tried the blush hack recommended by SpencerCredit: TikTok

What is the TikTok ‘blush’ hack?

The TikTok blush hack started when the user @paintedbyspencer shared a video of themselves applying blush up to their under-eye area.

This led to more than 850 videos using Spencer’s audio and applying blush to their under-eyes.

Many videos show users applying it over their concealers and then blending the two.

The result is a more vibrant look and fewer dark circles.

How does the ‘blush’ hack work?

Spencer explained why it works so well in a different video on their TikTok.

They said: “Even as a makeup artist, when I work on somebody who has really hollow, or you know, dark under-eyes, I could use the most full-coverage concealer and the most full-coverage foundation, powder… and I’ll still get that, you know, bluish-gray tones showing through, and it’s so frustrating.”

They also said it works well if you do your eye makeup beforehand because the blush will help to sweep away any dark makeup that may have ended up falling off.

How can I apply the ‘blush’ hack myself?

Spencer has provided several tips on how to apply the blush properly.

“Now this is really important,” Spencer said.

“You can’t just use any blush. No, no, no, no, no. I find it most effective when it’s a pink or a coral or a peachy blush. Like, that’s what’s going to cancel out those tones.”

According to @paintedbyspencer, matte makeup is the only kind that should be used under the eyes


According to @paintedbyspencer, matte makeup is the only kind that should be used under the eyesCredit: TikTok

The makeup artist finished by giving one more hint:

“Also, it can’t have any shimmer in it. It has to be matte because the shimmer or the highlighter effect is going to accentuate pores and fine lines underneath this area.”

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