What is a micro penis?


MEN spend a lot of time thinking about their nether regions.

They will often worry if they have an average todger, with generally there being nothing to be concerned about.


A micro penis is diagnosed at birth and is usually down to a hormonal imbalanceCredit: Getty

There is a real condition however, called a micro penis, which is when the member is much smaller than average.

It is something you tend to know you have from a young age.

It is not just simply a small penis, it is a condition caused by a range of reasons that is noticeable at birth.

For those new to the topic, we’ve outlined the key details on all things micro penis…

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What is a micro penis?

A micro penis is, as it would suggest, an abnormally small penis.

It is usually caused by a rare, hormonal or genetic issue.

Doctors can usually diagnose and treat it at birth.

A micro penis is defined as less than 9.3cm or 3.66 inches.

If a person has a micro penis, their testicles and internal genitalia are usually normal.

It usually doesn’t affect sexual function, but some may find it more difficult to urinate standing up.

How many people are affected?

It is quite a rare condition, and affects around 1.1 in 10,000 male newborns.

The condition can be linked to environmental factors or genetic issues.

Hormonal issues are the most common cause of a micro penis.

A testosterone deficiency during pregnancy is usually the cause.

This happens when the male foetus doesn’t produce enough testosterone, or when the mum-to-be doesn’t produce enough human chorionic gonadotrophin hormone.

It would lead to the penis not developing properly.

A boy baby has a surge of testosterone between birth and three months old, which is key for growth.

If this is interrupted by hormonal problems, the baby might have a smaller penis.

How would you know if you have a micro penis?

While it is a worry for many men they have a small penis, most are actually about average.

A doctor will usually have diagnosed you with a micro penis at birth.

But if you think you may have one, you can visit a doctor.

They will measure you and confirm one way or the other.

Can a micro penis be treated?

Treatments are available for people with micro penises.

Hormone therapy, which involves testosterone cream or injections, can help the penis to grow.

But they are more effective before puberty than later on.

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Surgery is also an option – where doctors can put an implant into the penis to make it look larger.

However this carries a high chance of complications.

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