We’re Luxury For Less gurus – the £12 jeans which are BETTER than Levi’s


DO you want to give your wardrobe a makeover but don’t have thousands to spend?

On tonight’s episode of Luxury for Less, which airs at 8pm, hosts Sophie Morgan and Michelle Ackerley speak to industry insiders about how to be a savvy fashionista as prices soar.

Luxury for Less Presenters Sophie Morgan and Michelle Ackerley will shares tips on how to look best for less


Luxury for Less Presenters Sophie Morgan and Michelle Ackerley will shares tips on how to look best for lessCredit: Not known, clear with picture desk

From where to find identical garments but way cheaper to revealing which pair of £12 jeans is better than the iconic Levi’s, the experts reveal their top tips…


For those who leave a good bargain, especially for high-end luxury brands, outlets is like a second home.

But have you ever wondered where all these discounted fashion pieces come from? And why are they sold for significantly less than the real retail price?

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Pooja Adam, a professional stylist, explained that whilst most of us assume that everything in these stores is simply last season, 80% of the items are, in fact, produced just for outlets.

”People don’t realise they’re spending so much money for something that was made specifically for outlet.

”They don’t know that it didn’t come from a pull-price store originally.”

The expert also shared how to spot if a garment or an accessory was stitched or put together for an outlet store.

Here, it is very important to look at the ticket – if it does have the two letters OE, it means ”Outlet Exclusive”.

”If you see something with 30 per cent, it’s probably made just for outlets,” she added.

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”If you find something in the sixties, those are the pieces that you’re truly getting a bargain on.”


Jeans are a staple in almost everyone’s wardrobe – the classic which is easy to dress up and down for almost every event.

And no other brand prides itself more in its high quality than Levi’s – but do fashionistas really have to spend more than a hundred for a pair of denim trousers?

Sally Deighton, who’s worked with big brands, such as ASOS and M&S, for more than two decades, claimed that it doesn’t always have to be the case.

”I think there are some great brands out there who do a really good job.”

Do you always have to splurge on Levi's if you want a good quality pair of jeans?


Do you always have to splurge on Levi’s if you want a good quality pair of jeans?Credit: Alamy

Because there are a few mills that send out the same fabric to different brands – although with minor alterations – shoppers could technically be wearing a pair of £12 Tesco F&F jeans that are very similar to Levi’s and other high-end brands.

The expert also revealed a nifty trick to keep your denim smelling fresh without putting in the wash (this will cause the colour to fade quicker).

Simply put your pair of denim inside a plastic bag and place this in the freezer overnight – the low temperature will cause the bacteria to die.


With trendy tops and bright accessories, Zara and Massimo Dutti have long been high-street favourites for many fashion lovers.

But while the brands are relatively affordable, the show revealed that the same garments can be found abroad for significantly cheaper.

Next time you're in Spain, pop into Zara and Massimo Dutti to treat yourself for a fraction of the UK price


Next time you’re in Spain, pop into Zara and Massimo Dutti to treat yourself for a fraction of the UK priceCredit: Getty

To see how the prices compare, two fashionistas bought the exact same clothes from Zara and Massimo Dutti, with one of them shopping in London, whilst the other one treated herself in Spain.

The results were shocking, as some of the items purchased abroad cost roughly 40 per cent less.

While the garments bagged in London came to a total of £626.98, the very same pile of clothes retailed for £369.39 in Spain.


With the world heading towards an environmental crisis, many are now looking for more sustainable options – and one such way to help the planet is shop vintage.

But although it’s second-hand, a vintage garment doesn’t necessarily mean a cheap price, with some items going for thousands.

Ciara Menage, who dressed the actress playing Princess Diana in the Netflix blockbuster series, The Crown, said that shoppers’ best tool is to go online.

With a bit of luck by your side, you can find vintage fashion clothing for as much as a tenth of the original price.

However, she also pointed out, it’s important to remember that the sizing has changed over the last few decades – what is Size 12 today was Size 10 in the 90s.

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”If it’s not very clear on the listing, ask what the measurements are.

”If you don’t know what you want, just stick to the classics […] – you can’t go wrong with something like this, it will always be stylish.”


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