Warning over bogus STI cure videos telling you to rub VINEGAR on your genitals


YOUTUBE is profiting from a bogus medical video which advises those suffering from STIs to rub VINEGAR on their genitals as a cure.

The video giant is running adverts over the top of the footage which contains fake remedies for gonorrhoea and syphilis.


YouTube accounts are promoting bogus cures for sexually transmitted diseasesCredit: YouTube/Homeveda
The unproven cures include claims that garlic cloves can heal STI's


The unproven cures include claims that garlic cloves can heal STI’sCredit: YouTube/Homeveda

One unproven cure claims that chewing garlic cloves three times a day can treat the infections throughout your body.

Another tells people to get in a bathtub of apple cider vinegar, baking soda and tee tree oil for at least ten minutes a day.  

Experts have warned that anyone following the bogus claims, instead of going to a professional doctor, could risk going infertile.

Other clips called for people to wash their genitals with vinegar and warm water, claiming it would “disinfect the body until the condition is cured.”

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Hundreds of thousands of people have viewed two ad-sponsored videos promoting the fake cures online.

Anyone who is suffering from an STI could have long term impacts on their health if they are not treated properly by a doctor.

Dr Rick Viney, a consultant urologist in London, told MailOnline: “These are serious infections both for the man and his partner(s). 

“There is no evidence that the treatments being recommended will be of any benefit at all.

“And by not seeking proven treatments, men run the risk of impaired fertility and other more significant consequences of untreated STIs.  

“There is one possible benefit from the proposed treatments. The large amounts of garlic will at least make it harder for the man to pass his STIs on to other partners.”

One video recommends two methods for improving symptoms of gonorrhoea, which can cause burning with urination, discharge from the penis and testicular pain. 

Another claimed that grinding up 30 soft babul leaves and one amar bel plant and eating a teaspoon of the mixture with yoghurt every morning for 15 days.

A separate video from Homeveda’s channel, which boasts 755,000 subscribers, claims that chewing garlic cloves three times a day could cure “syphilis, gonorrhoea or HIV”. 

Syphilis is a curable bacterial infection that can cause headaches, joint pains, tiredness and fever.

Symptoms of gonorrhoea

The main symptoms of gonorrhoea are:

  • a thick green or yellow discharge from the vagina or penis
  • pain when urinating
  • pain and discomfort in the rectum
  • for women, lower abdominal pain
  • bleeding between periods

The bacterial infection is typically caught after close contact with an infected sore.

HIV is a virus that attacks the immune system, and weakens your ability to fight infections and disease.

Host of the video, Kartia Velino, claims that garlic is the “number one infection killer… it will clean you up” – informing viewers the organic garlic is better.

She says you “need to chew or each as much as you can – one in the morning, one in the afternoon, one at night.”

A third video, also by Homeveda, recommends cleaning your private parts with garlic-soaked cotton wool balls to clear a yeast infection, which is not regarded as an STI.

YouTube’s algorithm suggests similar videos to the one you have just watched, meaning that one fake STI cure video often leads to another.

The Google-owned site says in its Community Guidelines that it will ban content that if found to be “promoting dangerous remedies or cures” and “content which claims that harmful substances or treatments can have health benefits”. 

YouTube earns its money from advertisers based on the number of views the advert and video gets, with adverts being places on videos that have been monetised by the uploader.

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The videos promoting bogus cures were easily accessible – with users who search ‘STI home remedy’ easily able to find videos advocating avoiding antibiotics. 

A YouTube spokesman said: “A number of the videos are in violation of our Advertiser Friendly Guidelines and have since been demonetised.”

YouTube have put ads on the incorrect videos


YouTube have put ads on the incorrect videosCredit: YouTube/Homeveda


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