Trump tells Piers ‘you can’t behave yourself’ in new vid of bombshell interview


Piers reveals what happened at explosive Donald Trump chat

PIERS Morgan jokingly stormed off ITV this morning, after revealing what happened behind-the-scenes with his explosive Donald Trump interview.

The former US President, 75, stormed out of the interview with Morgan, raging: “You’re disloyal.”

Earlier today, high-spirited Piers told host Lorraine Kelly, 62: “We had a very heated debate about his repeated claim that he didn’t lose the last election.

“He said it was a rigged election and now he says I have a rigged promo. He got very heated with me because he thinks he should have won the last election. He’s taken it very badly that he didn’t.

“He’s concocted a story with no evidence that he somehow had it stolen.

“I said I don’t believe it. He didn’t like that.

“Somebody close to Nigel Farage who works for a competitor sent a three-page dossier with all of my criticisms of him before the interview. I always try to be fair about Trump, probably more than most journalists.

“This interview is a good example – we got 70 odd minutes in the end. It’s a riverting interview, fascinating. A lot of it is fun – we have some laughs. I agree with him but the bone of contention is simply when I get to the part of the interview which is key.

“Right now he’s the favourite to win the Republican to run again for President.

“With Biden being so disastrous, there is a battle of the soul for Republicans.”


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