Trump SAVAGES Prince Harry & says Queen should have banned him from the UK


Meghan and Harry could turn off Netflix viewers

A royal brand expert has said that the content Prince Harry and Meghan are creating for Netflix ‘lacks originality;, as viewers will likely already be familiar with the events before the documentary is released.

Professor Cele Otnes, a marketing expert specialising in how the Royal Family brands itself, she was “perplexed” by the filming of well-reported events to be rehashed in new documentaries.

She said: “I’m perplexed why we are seeing the events in real life (e.g, at the Invictus ceremonies last year), and why there is any ‘content value’ to seeing these edited again in Netflix shows.

“For example, we often don’t view the fights or content on the Kardashian programs prior to them airing; we only hear about them.

“I’m not sure how much inherent value Harry and Meghan are bringing to Netflix; there is some discussion that they are in fact contributing to the disinterest in, and market devaluation, of Netflix.”


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