Tricky ballet brainteaser has hidden images – can YOU find them in one minute?


SHOW off your powers of perception with a series of new brainteasers that only the best can complete in under one minute.

The tricky brainteasers ask viewers to find hidden items in three detailed, illustrated dance scenes.


Can you find the feather in this ballet performance?Credit: Bloch

This series of puzzles comes courtesy of BLOCH, the dancewear experts – but even a dance pro will have a hard time finding the hidden feathers, trumpets, and maracas in these images.

The first image shows an elegant ballet performance, complete with an orchestra and opulent costumes.

Hidden in the picture is a single feather, floating through the theater on its way to Swan Lake.

Can you find the feather within the average time of two minutes, and 45 seconds?

If you’re especially talented, maybe you could beat the record for finding the feather: 35 seconds!

There's a single maraca hiding in this flamenco scene – can you find it?


There’s a single maraca hiding in this flamenco scene – can you find it?Credit: Bloch

Once you’ve located the feather, move on to this flamenco performance, which conceals a single maraca.

Watch out, because it’s a solo instrument – not the pair of maracas a member of the band is holding!

Maybe you can find it in the average time, two minutes and 12 seconds.

Can you defeat the current champion’s record, and find the maraca in less than 21 seconds?

There's a trumpet hidden somewhere in this tap dance performance


There’s a trumpet hidden somewhere in this tap dance performanceCredit: Bloch

Finally, put your skills to the ultimate test by searching this tap dance for a rogue trumpet.

Others have averaged one minute and two seconds to find the missing instrument.

But the best time so far is only eight seconds – a hard time to beat.

If you didn’t find any of the images, don’t worry: the answers are just below.

The feather is on the left side of the image, in the orchestra – sitting prettily on a violinist’s head.

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The missing maraca is in the upper right corner of the flamenco scene, high above the band, floating among the flowers.

And the trumpet in the tap dance number is part of the art deco design, in the bottom-right corner of the picture – you’ll see it just underneath the white set of stairs.

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