Travel expert reveals clever trick to save suitcase space when on holiday


A TRAVEL expert has revealed a unique way to save suitcase space while on holiday.

Filling a suitcase before heading away on holiday leaves you with little room to bring back anything you find at your destination.


Wendy’s “one-way clothes” hack allows her to clear space in her suitcaseCredit: Getty

But Wendy Harch, from Travel at Sixty has revealed how she is able to take all the clothes she needs, while also leaving space in her suitcase for souvenirs.

In an article for Escape, she explained her “one-way clothes” method for making sure her luggage remains light.

She said: “I do ‘one-way clothes’ for underclothes and pyjamas in cold climates.

“For example old worn out t-shirts nearing end of life. This way as you wear them, you just leave them behind and your suitcase gets lighter and lighter.”

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“You make room for shopping and you aren’t carrying around dirty clothes.”

Wendy is far from the only person to offer advice for making the most out of the room in your bag.

Space saving expert Marie Kondo has also revealed how she makes the most of the room in her suitcase when she goes on holiday.

Marie recommends starting with a “clean slate” by removing anything from your last trip that may be left over in your bag.

She then suggests laying everything out, before putting the clothes into categories, and folding them as small as possible.

Anything that you probably won’t wear is best left out, as it will just take up vital space in your case otherwise.

Over-packing is a big error when preparing for a trip abroad, so only take exactly what you need and nothing more.

Marie recommends rolling thinner fabrics instead of folding them, as it will both reduce creases and wrinkles, while also helping to get them into a smaller package for your bag.

Packing certain items together can avoid them spreading out too much across your luggage.

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This item could help make extra room in your suitcase when packing for a trip.

This packing expert revealed the best techniques to use to make the most of your luggage allowance.

By packing clothes she can leave behind, Wendy is able to save space in her bag


By packing clothes she can leave behind, Wendy is able to save space in her bagCredit: Getty


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