The travel items you should NEVER go on holiday without according to experts


BEFORE you pack your suitcase to go on holiday, listen to the experts as they reveal the things they never travel without.

Here are 13 experts from Escape on the fail-safe items they always take before travelling.


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Dilvin Yasa, Contributor

I always carry a Uniqlo lightweight jacket, which can fold into the palm of my hand, a scarf I can drape across my shoulders or to cover my hair if need be and a rubber doorstop for added hotel room security.

Samantha Stewart, Staff Writer

My solution to a post-flight puffy eye situation which I unfortunately get more often than not, is a cooling gel eye mask. As soon as I arrive in my hotel room, I stick it in the fridge.

David Smiedt, Lists Editor

I never travel without an audio translation app on my phone for overcoming language barriers, a Hunter travel candle and little koala to give as gifts to tour guides (in addition to a tip of course).

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Alexandra Carlton, Contributor

Nude undies, especially when travelling somewhere hot or tropical.

You will never forget that one time you forgot them and were forced to wear your sheer white linen shorts and floaty sundresses with your sensible black, and very visible Bonds.

Jana Frawley, Content Director

I’ve not swung a putter since 1999, but that doesn’t stop me from packing a golf ball when I go travelling.

After a day of hiking or sightseeing in a big city, I take off my shoes and roll my trusty Titleist on the soles of my feet. It’s an instant massage and rejuvenates me for another day of walking. 

Susan Bugg, Print Editor

I take ordinary but nice tea bags (preferably Yorkshire or Twinings) because you can’t be guaranteed what (or how many) you are going to find at your accommodation whether it’s a country motel or a big chain in America.

Rowena Ryan, Digital Editor

I always pack an empty water bottle. Once through security at the airport you can fill it up at the many water bubblers. And on the plane, ask the flight attendants to top it up.

Not only does it save you paying the exorbitant prices for water at the airport – it keeps you hydrated on the flight and helps combat the dreaded jet lag.

Kelli Armstrong, Managing Editor

No matter what I take an eye mask to shut out all the annoying lights in hotel rooms like digital clock, smoke alarm light, fridge, tv etc!

Simone Mitchell, Associate Digital Editor

I have been saved by a pack of make-up remover wipes so many times when travelling. Whether it’s cleaning white sneakers after a day traipsing around, blotting a stain out of a t-shirt, or cleaning sticky fingers after eating donuts on a road trip, these are often the MVP in my travel bag.

Andrea Black, Contributor

I am a coffee fiend, and cannot operate properly without a cup first thing in the morning so take a portable coffee maker and coffee on the road with me in case I happen to be in a hotel or on a ship where the good stuff isn’t available.

I have a collapsible pour-over coffee maker and have also just upgraded to a Wacaco minipresso for espressos. Maximum caffeine!

John Burfitt, Contributor

Two things – putty-style silicone earplugs and an updated white noise app on my phone.

The combination of putty-style silicone earplugs with the white noise app playing loudly and on repeat will drown out any outside noise throughout the night and guarantee a good sleep.

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Amanda Woods, Contributor

I like to carry a bamboo cutlery set so I can say no thanks to single use plastic on the road, along with a zip lock bag with soap from a previous hotel.

And while it doesn’t go on every trip I have been known to travel with a handy immersion heater so I know that I’ll definitely have hot water for my tea – and that it hasn’t come out of a kettle that someone’s boiled their undies in.

Mercedes Maguire, Contributor – Escape 

I never go anywhere without my clip-on book light. I use it on planes, ships, hotels, buses – you name it. It’s perfect for those nights where jetlag has set in and you don’t want to wake the room with a big overhead light.

Eye masks, earplugs and water bottles were just some of the things you should always pack


Eye masks, earplugs and water bottles were just some of the things you should always packCredit: Getty

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