The first pattern you’re drawn to reveals a lot about your personality


THE WAY we see and solve puzzles can tell us a lot about our personalities and what side of the brain we use first.

And this simple word puzzle personality test put together by Fact Factories, can reveal whether you’re a good friend or obsessed with power, depending on what word you see first.


The pattern you pick can reveal a lot about who you areCredit: Fact Factories

So what pattern caught your eye first, and what does it reveal about your personality?

Pattern One

You have a very cheerful and whimsical personality.

You are adventurous and love to travel and learn new things along the way.

You are a great friend – your friends and family know that they can always count on you for advice and a warm hug.

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Pattern Two

You are a kind and sensitive soul – you feel your best surrounded by loved ones.

And so do they, you radiate positivity wherever you go and your friends love you for it.

Pattern Three

You’re a relatively calm person, but you’re passionate about the things that matter most to you.

You love with all your heart and you are able to give your friends and family strength whenever they are feeling blue or discouraged.

Pattern Four

Shows you have a great sense of humour and making people laugh is one of your best traits.

But you’re also brutally honest, and never afraid to say how you feel.

Pattern Five

If pattern five caught your eye first, it shows you aren’t afraid to go after what you want.

You are likable and trustworthy and people consider you to be a good and loyal friend.

Pattern Six

You’ve got a good and trustworthy heart and you’re a sweet and kind soul.

You get shy in large groups of people and hate boasting about yourself, preferring to let others take the lead.

Pattern Seven

You love to go out, meet new people and you enjoy making new friendships.

Even when faced with challenges, you face them with an upbeat attitude and always look for the fun in a situation.

Pattern Eight

You value your friends and family above everything else.

You love to compete and you always approach each challenge with a positive and optimistic attitude.

Pattern Nine

You couldn’t care less about money or materialistic items.

You always value life experiences and people more than anything else.

Pattern Ten

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You are always looking for the positive side, it’s not hard for you to find things that will make you smile and feel happy.

You are open-minded and can always find the good in a tough situation.


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