Teen Mom Kailyn Lowry flaunts her curves amid ‘depression’ battle


TEEN Mom star Kailyn Lowry showed off her curves as she opened up about a recent bout of depression.

The MTV star recently announced that she was leaving the long-running reality series.


Kailyn Lowry showed off her curves in tight pants on InstagramCredit: Instagram/@kaillowry
She also opened up about her recent bout of depression


She also opened up about her recent bout of depressionCredit: Instagram/@kaillowry

Kailyn, 30, posted a photo of herself and Coffee Convos podcast cohost Lindsie Chrisley on Instagram on Thursday.

She posed for the pic wearing tight mustard yellow pants, a white tank top and a denim jacket.

Lindsie posed alongside her in jeans, a T-shirt and a black sweatshirt.

In her caption, the mom of four confessed in part: “I’m back after several weeks off –– depression has been truly kicking my a**.”

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Fans flooded the comments with kind words and well wishes for the star amid her struggles.

One wrote: “feel better soon pretty woman we are rooting for you!”

Another chimed in: “So glad you are back & grateful for your openness.”

A third commenter added: “So happy you’re back! The last few weeks have been boring without you. With that being said, keep taking care of yourself beautiful. You’ve got this.”

Kailyn has been open with fans about her mental health struggles.


In March, the TV personality opened up about feeling “depressed.”

She tweeted at the time: “Depression is kicking my a**.”

It’s unclear what led to her low, but fans have watched as she’s struggled with various challenges on the latest season of Teen Mom 2.

Many of her struggles relate to ex Chris Lopez, who sporadically appears on the show to share his side of things.


During a recent episode of Teen Mom 2, Kailyn faced questions from producers about Chris’ life – namely a new baby on the way.

She told the show’s team: “Chris asked me specifically not to discuss him and his new family so I’m not going to make any comments – any more comments – on Chris and his new family.”

Not long after she made the comment, however, Chris sat down with his friend Bread to discuss the baby, as well as his relationship with Kailyn.

He told his pal: “As you already know I got another child on the way.”

Asked about coparenting and how his relationship with his new baby mama would be different than his relationship with Kailyn, he said: “Smoother. Me and the kids mom – my new kids mom – we not in a relationship or anything.”

Chris also said of the baby: “This one made me want to be different.”

He added: “Me and Kail ain’t even got communication. I deal with you for this kids at this point but I ain’t really got much to say.”

As he appeared, Twitter was buzzing about his decision to film the show. 

One Teen Mom fan wrote: “WHY IS CHRIS GETTING screen time when he threatened to sue Kail over filming with the boys or talking about their relationship?? He used her to get on the show.”

Another added: “So Chris never wanted to film but now all of a sudden he got cameras up in his face? Chile….”

A third Twitter user wrote: “What kind of arrangement is this where Chris can talk about Kail but not vice versa.”

While Chris spoke about Kailyn during the episode, she continued to stay quiet even after the baby’s arrival.

MTV aired voiceover of Chris talking about becoming a father again.

While he talked, photos of him and the baby appeared on screen.

The cameras then follow Kailyn on a trip to Georgia, where she was working on a project with podcast cohost Lindsie Chrisley. 

Asked about the baby, the Pennsylvania native was quick to put a stop to the chatter, saying: “Oh no, I’m not going there.”

Lindsie appeared interested, asking several questions, including whether the baby was a boy or girl and if photos of the child were released.

Kailyn continued to shut things down, but did confirm: “It’s a boy.”


She went on: “I’m not going there. I don’t think I talked about it online.

“No, I’m not allowed to talk about that. My lawyer confirmed that yesterday.”

Both Lindsie and production kept trying to talk about it, but the mom of four was adamant: “She said do not talk about this and that’s in writing.”

Fans later slammed her on Reddit for her treatment of the show’s producers, and refusing to talk about her life.

One user created a thread, writing: “Is anyone else beyond sick of these cast members refusing to film or even answer basic questions about their lives?

“If they don’t want to film or talk about their lives on TV, GREAT! But get the hell off of a reality TV show so we can watch someone else who is willing to do their job and provide us with entertainment! Briana and Jade are usually pretty open but I don’t know how Kail hasn’t been fired. She acts like she’s an A list celebrity and treats the producers like crap!”

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Other users appeared to agree, with one writing: “Kail has been saying she makes more money in her other work than through the show. And she also acts like filming is annoying and inconvenient. Idk why she’s stayed on for so long if that’s the case.”

Another commented: “YES!! You’re literally refusing to do your job. Most people get fired for that. So tired of it. Kail literally has no story line…”

The news comes amid drama surrounding ex Chris Lopez on Teen Mom 2


The news comes amid drama surrounding ex Chris Lopez on Teen Mom 2Credit: MTV
Kailyn shares two of her four kids with Chris


Kailyn shares two of her four kids with ChrisCredit: Kailyn Lowry/Instagram
She was recently slammed for refusing to talk about him on Teen Mom 2


She was recently slammed for refusing to talk about him on Teen Mom 2Credit: MTV

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