Stunning $9.4million house in Beverly Hills has a bizarre metaverse secret


A MASSIVE house up for sale in Beverly Hills comes with an unexpected metaverse add-on to wow potential buyers.

Not only is the real thing on the market for more than $9.4million / £7.4million, its virtual sister is available to purchase as well.


A home with a twistCredit: Noel Klieman
The metaverse replica


The metaverse replicaCredit: LEDY

But you’ll have to fork out another $100,000 / £79,200.

The grand Spanish-style masterpiece has been dubbed the “Beverly Hills Meta House”.

In the 3D world Decentraland, owners will find a new 10,280-square-foot, eight-bedroom Georgian-style house.

It comes with all the 21st century digital bits you can expect, including a unique NFT of the property and NFTs inside it.

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The virtual residence is actually a replica of completed plans for a rebuild of the real-life house.

At the moment, the physical thing has five huge bedrooms, as well as a guest house and a pool.

The metaverse house will be on show for people to marvel at on TVs and monitors scattered around the real home.

Listing agent Rochelle Maize, from Nourmand and Associates, described it as a “two-fer”.

“You buy a house in the flats of Beverly Hills and you get the house in the metaverse,” she told The Hollywood Reporter.

They partnered with virtual developer LEDY, who builds stuff in Decentraland and Sandbox metaverse worlds.

“In terms of marketing, we want to develop this bridge between the real life and the virtual life, so that’s why we brought Rochelle on board to bring clients who would potentially be interested [in the metaverse] from the real-life community,” said LEDY co-founder Mark Emtiaz.

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But those only interested in the real thing aren’t obliged to buy the virtual home as well.

“If they don’t buy the metaverse house, they will get an NFT of the house,” Emtiaz added.

Welcome to your virtual home


Welcome to your virtual homeCredit: LEDY

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