Six tips to help you make the most of Samsung Galaxy S22


IF YOU have purchased Samsung’s highly coveted Galaxy S22 phone, then here are six tips you need to know about today.

First unveiled in February, the Galaxy S22 has already become one of Samsung’s best-selling phones in just a matter of weeks.


The Samsung Galaxy S22 comes with an awesome next-gen display and offers an incredible user experience.Credit: Getty Images

For those who have been able to buy one, you’ve probably noticed the powerful software you’re working with.

Not only does the Samsung Galaxy S22 come with an awesome next-gen display, but it also offers an incredible user experience.

Therefore, to really utilize the new interface of your device, we have compiled six tricks you need to try out today.

One new feature on the Galaxy S22 models is ‘Smart Widgets’, or stacks of widgets that you can swipe through.

Basically, these widgets are fully customizable, allowing you to put all of your favorite apps in one place on your phone.

To set up ‘Smart Widgets’, first long-press on an empty part of your home screen.

Then, at the bottom, tap ‘Widgets’ > ‘Smart Widget’ and choose your preferred size.

Personalize your Galaxy S22’s color scheme

You can make your new smartphone completely your own by customizing the home screen color.

Users also have the option to extend the color palette to some of the phone’s apps and icons.

To do this, long-tap on the home screen and choose Wallpaper and style.

Then, hit ‘Color palette’ and choose whichever color you want.

Screen spam callers

The new Galaxy S22 comes equipped with a spam and scam screening tool – and it works for both call and SMS messages.

It works by referencing a database of known spam and scam phone numbers.

Should any of those numbers call or text you, your phone will either block it automatically or inform you that it’s a potential spam call.

Customize your searches

The ‘Finder’ feature on the Galaxy S22 is comprehensive – it will even show you matching documents and photos.

However, you can also customize this search feature to prevent apps from showing up on your searches.

Just head to the app drawer and tap on the three-dot menu in the top-right corner to adjust the settings.

Keep the screen on

If you’re reading an eBook or are in the middle of a texting conversation, it can be tedious when your phone’s screen switches off.

However, with Samsung’s new ‘Keep Screen On’ tool, you can make sure this doesn’t happen.

The feature works via your phone’s front camera, which can detect when your face is looking at your phone.

To enable this setting, head to Advanced settings > Motions and gestures.

Use Offline Finding to locate your device

You can now find your lost phone even if it’s not online via ‘Offline Finding’.

This features works by using nearby Samsung devices to detect your phone.

And don’t worry it also protects your phone’s location.

To enable this feature, go to Settings > Biometrics and Security > Turn on Find My Mobile.

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