Pilot reveals why you should never take your shoes off during a flight


AN AIRLINE pilot has revealed why you should never take off your shoes during a flight.

Going barefoot while flying could leave passengers vulnerable to bacterial infection.


Going barefoot on a flight can leave passengers vulnerable to infectionCredit: Getty

Pilot Patrick Smith told Travel + Leisure: “Cabins are cleaned prior to every flight, but that will be more perfunctory on a quick turn when there are only 15 or 20 minutes to get it done.”

Frequency of an aircraft receiving a full deep cleaning service differ by airline, but generally it’s around once every four to six weeks.

Outside of those times, high-touch surfaces like seat-back screens, storage pockets or chair armrests will be cleaned but the floor – and any spillages – may not be completely cleared of bacteria until a deep clean takes place.

“Those who decide to go barefoot might be picking up bacteria and viruses that could negatively impact their health,” David Krause, owner of SyQuest USA, which manufactures cleaning products used on airlines, told the publication.

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He added: “Likewise, the concern of picking up a fungal infection is always there as well.”

David went on to explain that the pandemic has brought about many improvements to inflight hygiene.

He told T+L: “More disinfectants are now employed on floors and the cleaning process is a little more detailed in an effort to ensure that no trace of the virus is left behind to potentially infect crew or passengers.”

It’s not just dirty taking your shoes off – but also dangerous in case of an emergency.

Ex-flight attendant Tony Kuna said on Quora: “Besides stinking up the whole cabin, footwear is essential during an plane emergency, even though it is not part of the flight safety information.

“During an emergency, all sorts of debris and unpleasant ground surfaces will block your way towards the exit, as well as outside the aircraft.”

He continued: “If your feet [aren’t] properly covered, you’ll have a hard time making your way to safety. Imagine destroying your bare feet as your run down the aisle covered with broken glass, fires and metal shards.

“Kind of like John McClane in Die Hard, but worse.”

And leave your flip-flops in your bag – opt for sturdy shoes instead.

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A passenger was recently left horrified after a woman put her bare feet on her head during a flight.

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Fungal infections are possible if an aircraft has not received a recent deep clean service


Fungal infections are possible if an aircraft has not received a recent deep clean serviceCredit: Getty


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