Our sex life has reignited and I am suspicious my wife has been cheating


DEAR DEIDRE: I’M driving myself crazy trying to work out if my wife is cheating on me.

We have been together for 11 years. I’m 44 and my wife is 42.


I am suspicious about my wife’s change in behaviour

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Far from dwindling, our sex life seems to have got a new lease of life all of a sudden and it’s making me suspicious.

I can’t help thinking that her new moves in the bedroom are tricks she’s learnt from another man.

Then she’s always giggling at her phone.

She says it’s her girls’ group chat. But how can I believe her when she never lets me see?

And if you saw her Facebook profile you’d think she was a single woman.

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She never posts photos of me and she still hasn’t updated her relationship status, despite me banging on about it for the past decade.

She says that I’m just paranoid and controlling. But am I right to be worried?

DEIDRE SAYS:  Yes, it’s possible that your wife could be hiding something from you.

But rather than just accusing her of cheating, find a calm and quiet moment to confide in her about your worries.

You can work out together how to improve things between you.

This is the best defence against anyone straying.

And my support pack, Looking After Your Relationship, will show you how to build trust between you and work on your life as a couple.


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